For the last few months, bloggers such as Lifecruiser conduct an international cocktail party where writers highlight a notable drink from their travels or experiences. With a recent visit to Singapore Zoo, this month’s drinks takes to the steamy climes of south-east Asia.

The Singapore Sling was famously introduced at the luxurious Raffles Hotel in the early 1900s and where it is still available today for an eye-watering price over US$20). Many other bars around also offer the almost sickly sweet cocktail at a lower price but without the colonial ambiance.

It is made with two measures of gin and a measure of cherry brandy, mixed with a measure of lime juice, half measures of Benedictine and Cointreau and a generous half measure of Grenadine. Add a dash of bitters, fill with pineapple juice and garnish with the traditional pineapple and cherry.

So a hearty cheers to all at this month’s cocktail party.

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9 Responses to Drinks Around the World: Singapore Sling

  • marina villatoro says:

    Now that's a drink right up my alley!

    Looks divine:)

  • Anil says:

    It's got the best name of all the drinks I've seen so far.

  • Dave and Deb says:

    We are so lame. When we were in Singapore, we didn't go to Raffles for a Singapore Sling. We had been traveling for awhile and we were too cheap. But I wish that we would have bit the bullet. It is the little things in life that you remember.
    So $40 of our budget would have been used…We would have had bragging rights for years to come:)

  • Mark H says:

    @marina: You'd probably like it more than me.

    @anil: Great marketing name

    @daveanddeb: I went through the same question. It is way overpriced but one of those things that you do.

  • Lifecruiser Travel Blog says:

    Oh, I agree with that: super name of it and what a color. Looks yummy and I'm sure it is too! I have to note down this one too, if we ever go to South East Asia as we have been talking about earlier….

  • Vodka Dave says:

    Singapore Sling sounds like something I could get in to! Sounds like you may need to be careful drinking too many of these.

  • Mark H says:

    @vodka dave: If you had too many, you'd suffer from sugar poisoning…

  • When I was bartending my way through university, the Singapore sling was my specialty. My friends were proudly present me with all the ingredients, and we would promptly get very drunk (and probably very sticky). It’s a very sweet drink that goes down way too smooth.

    First thing I told my companion was “I gotta have the sling!” And it was decided. We went to the raffled hotel and ordered those ridiculously over-priced drinks. We paid for the souvenir glassware too. The bragging rights? Priceless. The drink itself? M’eh. Mine’s better.

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