In the cold icy surrounds of Antartica, the Chinstrap penguin stands strikingly with its thin black neck stripe. Parenting is a truly shared occupation with one guarding the eggs or chicks while the other heads off to feed, returning with a full belly and regurgitated feeds for the chicks. They then exchange places and the cycle starts again. As the chicks grow, both parents head out to feed leaving the chicks in a creche with other chinstrap chicks, racing the short summer Antarctic months to have the chicks sufficiently matured to swim and fend for themselves.

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3 Responses to Photo of the Week – Chinstrap Penguin (Antarctica)

  • BarbaraW says:

    I love these little guys. In South Africa I saw a different variety – a colony on a rocky outcrop near the southern tip of the continent. The biggest hoot was the sign in the parking lot instructing visitors to check under their cars for penguins before driving off.

  • Shannon says:

    Is wrong to think that this little fellow is cute? It would probably bite me in person, but what a cutie-patootie!

  • Mark H says:

    @barbara: They are mesmerising little creatures.

    @shannon: I doubt they'd bite you. I had one walk right up to me while I just sat still watching them. Mind you, if you touched their chick or stole one of their valued rocks, maybe they'd attack!

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