On a sunny spring day, little beats walking the coastline of Sydney with its azure seas, golden beaches, verdant green strips and rocky escarpments. For over a decade for a few weeks, the walk between Sydney’s Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach is turned into a huge outdoor gallery in Sculptures by the Sea. Many hundreds of thousands of people walk the two kilometre coastal track enjoying the outdoor exhibition of over 100 outdoor sculptures that litter the wondrous cliffs, parks and beaches.

With only a limited grasp of art, the sculptures to me vary from the remarkable to the silly. Some appear little more than a misshapen rock or molten plastic accident while others are stunning in their creativity, artistry and workmanship. The sculptures evoke all sorts of emotions among the people, from confusion and doubt to amazement and humour. The most striking to me are those that take advantage of the unusual surroundings for a gallery effectively using the cliff faces, small rock pools or beach surrounds as natural mount points for their artworks. Some spin, swing and rock elegantly in the gentle coastal breezes like the most expert of seabirds. Others are set in the ocean truly at the mercy of the sea’s moods and currents.

Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea is a wonderful introduction to the warm weather opening up nature’s fine gallery to the creative powers of the sculptors.

Some photos of the exhibits from 2008 Sculpture by the Sea appear below. My camera failed me for this year’s display. Which is your favourite sculpture?



8 Responses to Sculptures in Nature’s Gallery (Sydney)

  • Forumsglobe says:

    wow wonderful locations… i like u r blog

  • Shannon says:

    Love this! It reminds me of Vancouver's Biennale, a way to discover sculpture in a beautiful setting. Go Sydney!

  • BarbaraW says:

    There used to be a homeless man who slept/lived in a shanty constructed of scrap materials on the cliffside along the path between Bondi and Tamarama. Officials initially tried to oust him, ,but then he started making art sculpture from the trash he collected and displaying it along the path. Eventually, they just turned a blind eye to his presence. I wonder if this festival emerged as a result of this guy and I wonder if he is still there?

  • Footsteps says:

    What an imaginative way to showcase art (and "would be" art)!

    On some of our beaches, people will create "sculptures" from found objects. Passersby will continue adding embellishments to what others have created.

  • Mark H says:

    @forumsglobe: Thank you

    @shannon: Such settings eeme more natural and suitabel for sculpture than a plain gallery

    @barbara: The festival was separate to the guy and the guy remained all the way up to this year. Tragically, he has been accused of rape by one of the attendees at this years festival and was arrested. I've heard nothing more.

    @footsteps: Every so often, you see sand art which is exceptional as well.

  • intrepidideas says:

    Great Photos. I'll have to try this on my next trip to Sydney…


  • Heather on her travels says:

    I love outdoor art like that, does it matter if it's accomplished or a bit silly, it provokes discussion and thought and a bit of fun.

  • Sherry Ott says:

    I love outdoor art – what a great way to get fresh air, and open up your mind to creatvity!

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