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Corsica is a very beautiful and scenic place to visit. It is one of 26 outlaying islands located in the sea south of Italy. It has its own language, Corsican with its own remarkable history and culture. Corsica is an excellent choice for any luxury villa rental and should be visited by anyone travelling to the area.

The island has numerous tiny coves and beaches with many enchanting mountain villages, each with their own appeal, welcoming visitors. Romantic in nature, the small towns and villages have their own fine restaurants with delightfully varied menus. Try the traditional foods produced on the island and taste the variety of local wines.

If you like to walk, there are many valleys and gorges ready to be explored. Easy to follow hiking trails criss-cross the island helping explore the mountain and valley scenery. With such a variety of paths, you will never be able to explore the whole place in one visit walking. As most of these treks are for serious walkers and climbers, you may wish to simply stroll along the beaches with your loved one. The beaches are plentiful and easily accessible. Settle into a seaside café with your significant other – the sparkling sea being a gorgeous place to just sit and ponder the beauty of the scenery. The crystal clear blue waters are warm and tempt many with a swim.

If you’re looking for villas to rent in France, Corsica is an excellent choice. Plenty of beaches mean that there are many water sports ready for your participation. You can go scuba diving or just snorkel to see the extensive underwater life that is always present in the water surrounding the island. You might try sailing or windsurfing while you are there. There is nothing better than sitting on a boat enjoying the sea. The best time is early evening with a breathtaking sunset that that you will remember forever. Corsica gives you the chance to try something new while the evenings offer an opportunity to experience the nightlife of Corsica.

Corsica is famous for its mountain train that travels through Bastia (pictured), Ajaccio, and Calvi. During the journey, you can learn the history and distinct culture of the island. The extensive birdlife of the island is pointed out – a poetic relaxing sight. As the island boasts a large nature reserve, there is plenty of wildlife to be spotted. Make sure your camera is ready because you are not going to have such a chance back home. Capture the beauty of a bird that you have never seen before and may never see again.

For a great family vacation or a romantic honeymoon get away, visit Corsica, France. You will not be sorry.

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10 Responses to French Beauty (Corsica, France)

  • AdventureRob says:

    I've always wanted to wander around Corsica, looks such a nice place to visit.

  • Heather on her travels says:

    I've visited Sardinia but not Corsica, although I'm sure it's just as beautiful

  • Anil says:

    I love the Mediterranean coast, the culture, food, and people.

  • Tirupati Hotels says:

    Great and informative post for me Thank You.

  • Mark H says:

    @adventure rob: Me too – this is a guest post and I've not been to Corsica either.

    @heather: I suspect there are some similarities.

    @anil: Me too.

    @tirupati hotels: Thank you

  • Donna Hull says:

    I haven't been to Corsic but have always been curious about it. Thanks for the introduction.

  • Vuelos Internacionales says:

    I want to take a long weekend break to France on my own, but do not have an amazing grasp of their language. Can you help me find the right place to travel? If you additionally have a good hotel etc in mind, it would be hugely appreciated.

  • Mark H says:

    @donna: It is a guest post and I've also not been there though it attracts me to go.

    @vuelos intl: I'll answer your query via email but favourites include chateaux country (Tours/Blois), Beaune (Burgundy region), Annecy and the Alps region, Provence (Nimes, Arles, Avignon, small villages), Paris (of course) and Alsace.

  • Sherry Ott says:

    Renting a villa there sounds wonderful! Great info – thanks!

  • Mark H says:

    @sherry: It is now on my list of places to visit! The guest posts make these places sound so enchanting.

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