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Surfers swarm to Bali year round in search of the perfect wave. With its warm waters and consistent breaks, Bali remains a top Indonesian and world surfing destination. Whether you stay in Bali or use it as a starting point for a wider Indonesian surf tour, Bali has over 20 top quality breaks, mainly on the southwest and southeast coasts of the island and the Bukit Peninsula. The beauty of surfing in Bali is that there is a wave to suit everyone, from beginners to experienced big wave riders. Bali is also not solely a surf destination. If the ocean’s flat, there are plenty of other attractions to keep you occupied!

If you’re interested in a Bali surf holiday, here’s a rundown of where you’ll find different levels of waves.


The breaks of Uluwatu (top photo) and Padang Padang are the most notoriously difficult and dangerous Bali waves, and located on the Bukit Peninsula. Uluwatu offers surfers a fast, long and hollow break that falls over a very shallow reef. Getting to the Uluwatu wave is an adventure in itself – surfers must get down the cliffs and emerge through the spectacular caves (photo right). In the monsoon season, the Uluwatu wave can reach 15 feet. Combined with its sharp drop, it should only be attempted by those aware of the dangerous conditions. Referred to as ‘Bali’s Pipeline’, Padang Padang has surprising ferocity and huge barrels. The sharp, shallow reef means that a wipeout can have serious implications. Padang Padang should not be attempted at low tide, and only surfed by cautious and experienced surfers.


One of the best places in Bali for surfing intermediate and friendly waves is Belian Beach. Located on the west coast of Bali, Belian Beach offers friendly left and right breaks that are more forgiving than other Bali surf spots. Nusa Dua (photo), a stretch of the Eastern Coastline, also offers intermediate level left and right waves. Nusa Dua is also home to some of Bali’s most expensive resorts, so you can treat yourself to some pampering and air conditioned luxury after a hard day of surfing!


Kuta (photo) and Legian Beach breaks are Bali’s best waves for beginners. At Kuta, surfing beginners can take advantage of the many surfing schools, stores, and rentals in the area. Kuta’s waves are friendly and consistent, making it the perfect place to learn to surf. Legian Beach, on Bali’s southwest coast, also offers good beginner surfing conditions. At Kuta and Legian Beach, surfing is not the only attraction. If you decide it’s not for you, then there are plenty of shops, bars and vendors to keep you busy!

Bali can be surfed year-round, making it the ideal surf destination. Add to this the affordability of travelling to and within Bali, the warm weather and the number of other entertainment and cultural attractions, and it’s easy to see why Bali remains a top surf and holiday destination. If you’re a student, travel to Bali is within your means. Cheap flights to Bali depart from a number of Australian cities. If you’re chasing that perfect wave, then Bali holidays could be the answer!

Photo Credits: Utuwalu Cave, Nusa Dua



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