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Despite being a set of seven distinct islands, much of the tourism in the Canaries is centred on four of the islands.

Being the second largest of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura boats a booming tourist economy. Although a quieter destination than other islands in the region, holiday makers are attracted by the wealth of opportunities for exploration here. The island is home to over 150 beaches and many archaeological sites: creating the perfect balance between exploring natural wonders and local history. The waters off the coast of the island are home to whales, dolphins, marlin and turtles; ensuring that underwater exploration is a must when visiting the island.

Tenerife has often been heralded as the party island in the region but there is much on the island to entice those looking for a little more from their trip. Holiday makers are able to visit such natural wonders as the volcanic crater of Mount Teide (photo above)and the cliffs of Los Gigantes, whilst those looking for some historical and cultural exploration will find a visit to Puerto de la Cruz is a must.

Individuals enjoying Canary Islands holidays will often wish to explore the natural habit of the island of Gran Canaria. The island has been described as a horticultural centre due to the countless plantations home to numerous species of plant and crop, but Gran Canaria also boasts huge sand dunes which can be explored to the full on the back of a camel. Not only are there countless natural features to the island but the bustling metropolis of Las Palmas enables tourists to explore the biggest city in the region. Las Palmas is home to various different local sports and at the right time of the year holiday makers can find the city in full swing during one of the many local festivals. This is the perfect time to explore the cultural heritage of this fascinating region.

The remaining of the big four islands in the region, Lanzarote, provides holiday makers with possibly the most interesting landscape to explore. The entire island has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve due to the unique volcanic landscape which is found here. A trip to the Fire Mountains will enable visitors to fully experience the wonders of this inhospitable landscape as they will be guided through the area on the back of a dromedary and will witness the earth seethe in places despite the area being officially described as dormant.

Whichever of these four islands is the chosen destination there is huge scope to explore one of the most interesting areas of the world.



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