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An everyday ‘man-in-the-street’ most likely wouldn’t be able to point to the tiny sub-tropical island Republic of Mauritius on a map. Most likely, they’ve never even heard of this small former Dutch-French colony and 17th century naval outpost. So, with all that said, why are the reef-encircled, white sand beaches of Mauritius one of the best luxury holiday destinations on the planet?

There are thousands of heavily-traveled tropical tourist traps around the globe. Just imagine places like the Caribbean islands or the Philippines for instance. And anyone who has ever visited the isolated, over-priced American island state of Hawaii can attest to this as well. The real authentic, isolated tropical paradises are scattered about the globe in unique, ‘hidden’ geographic locations where most people would not expect to find one of the best kept secrets on the planet.

Despite being one of the most pleasurable hotspots on the planet, Mauritius is recognized most often as the home of the extinct, flightless Dodo bird. In fact, travelers can the full skeletal remains of the Dodo at the National History Museum in Port Louis, the island’s gem of a capital city.

Mauritius rests off the eastern coast of Madagascar in the middle of the Indian Ocean, nowhere near the over-traveled tropics. More surprising than the island geography, Mauritius has developed a chic, posh, yet modern resort industry. There is no need to leave your Smartphone at home when you take a holiday in Mauritius. The island has all of the technological comforts you will need.

Tourism is a huge part of the culture of Mauritius. The local government, unlike other tropical destinations, has made a viable economy out of such a gorgeous local ecology. Just take a look through the brochures of the island’s dozen different resorts and vacation villas.

Opulent to say the least, the five-star resort Le Touessrok stands out as Mauritius’ most outstanding, romantic hamlets. The resort itself rests along the island’s wild eastern coast, protected by natural coral reefs on all sides. Diving off the island’s warm, azure shores is spectacular to say the least.

The luxury resort at The Residence Mauritius is yet another five-star hotspot on the island’s east coast. This hotel offers its guests complimentary windsurfing, snorkeling, and water skiing. The facilities here are lavish to say the least, and wedding parties frequent the immaculate shoreline and custom spa. But no matter which luxury resort you choose, you can’t go wrong. The hospitality of a diverse Creole local population is legendary among visitors.

But Mauritius isn’t exclusively for the wealthy traveler alone. In Port Louis there are a number of historical and cultural sites to see. The Caudan Waterfront stands out as the city’s best shopping hotspot. You can find the latest fine international fashions, or you can appreciate craft work by local and regional artists.

At night fall, Caudan transforms into a throbbing nightlife district. Once again, the island’s local hospitality is legendary among visitors. If you have an itch to gamble, Port Louis is also home to the Caudan Waterfront Casino. It is always happy hour somewhere in Port Louis. World famous, international DJ’s have been known to draw large crowds during local festivals like the Festival International Kreol, which takes place at several venues throughout Port Louis.

Still, it is quite shocking that such a great holiday destination has been kept out of the international spotlight. Maybe it’s due to the island’s locale, tucked away on the far side of Madagascar. Regardless, if you have the opportunity to test out Mauritius for yourself, your holiday will speak for itself.

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