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Whether you are still living the Disney dream or you have a little princess desperate to visit a castle like the one in her favourite fairytales, this guide will provide you with the best fairytale castles to be found in Europe. Pick your favourite, pack your tiara, and visit some of the most beautiful and historic buildings on the continent.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Steeped in history, this beautiful castle is the embodiment of 19th century romanticism and thanks to its stunning position atop the Alps, its towers and spires and magnificent landscape, Neuschwanstein has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe. The structure was also the inspiration behind Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle, it doesn’t get much more fairytale than that!

Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg, France

Built in the 12th century, the Chateau Haut Koenigsbourg in France offers spectacular views of the Alsace Valley, a sight that stretches all the way to the Rhine River. Attacked and badly damaged by fire in 1462, the castle was then rebuilt only to be left abandoned some 200 years later. Over the years it was left empty and overgrown and as such, drew similarities with Sleeping Beauty’s abandoned castle.

Alcázar of Segovia, Spain

One of the most famous castles in Spain, the Alcázar of Segovia has a beautiful exterior and lays nestled at the base of the Guadarrama Mountains. It is suggested that construction of the castle began as early as the 11th century and was then rebuilt following original sketches after a fire in 1862. Once the residence of many Spanish kings and the site of Isabel’s proclamation as Queen of Castile, you can’t help but feel like fairytale royalty at the Alcázar of Segovia.

Bardi Castle, Italy

Surrounded by legendary stories, the medieval structure dominates the small town of the same name and lies approximately 50km from the city of Parma. Step back in time and visit during the summer months, when you might be lucky enough to witness one of the many medieval festivals hosted at the castle.

Vaduz Castle, Lichtenstein

Perched on a rock terrace, this fairytale castle can be reached via a beautiful tree lined footpath. The castle remains the true residence of royalty and today houses the Prince of Lichtenstein. As such, it is not open for viewing by the public, but there are beautiful views to be had of Vaduz Castle from anywhere within the capital and August sees it host to a spectacular fireworks display that illuminates the entire city.

Photo Credits: Neuschwanstein Castle, Haut Koenigsbourg Castle, Alcazar of Segovia, Bardi Castle, Vaduz Castle



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