Marble Temple is one of Bangkok’s most popular wats or Buddhist temples. While the temple has moving images of Buddha, typical Buddhist Thai architecture and gleaming gold window decorations, I am most taken by the monks’ washing and the fact that it appears to be sorted by colour range from the deepest reds through sunburned oranges to delicate pastel yellows.

Is this pure coincidence or are monks that orderly?



2 Responses to Orderly Washing at Marble Temple (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Thai Song says:

    I’ve always been attracted to Thai traditional arts including Thai dancing and music based on court entertainment and religious rituals. Thai boxing, an indigenous sport originating from military training of Thai warriors, is very popular among the local, though I personally find a bit brutal.

    • Mark H says:

      I have seen Thai boxing three or four times. It seems to have a strange balance of poise, elegance, ritual and violence.

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