French Wines Champagne Bottles in Caves

Seductive rows of champagne bottles

by Sea France

It would be extremely difficult not to experience some of the local wine while holidaying in France, and lets face it, you probably wouldn’t want to. With some of the most delicious wines produced anywhere in the world, tasting wines is one of the best things about holidaying in France.

Holidaying in the different wine making regions of France has never been easier due to the many options for getting there. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make the trip is by ferry and with many deals appearing every day you can really make the trip at very little expense leaving more funds available to spend on wine!


French Wines Champagne GrapevinesThe vineyard area in Champagne has around 14,000 growers and 300 villages spread across three main growing areas. The majority of the growers here sell to the Champagne houses or co-operatives which are then blended into the famous brands or the supermarket labels we all know.

Of course this area is a great place to experience some of the world’s best champagnes, so if you like your fizz this may well be the place for you.


French Wines Old Bordeaux BottlesBordeaux is synonymous with fine wine but often demand can outstrip what is produced by the wine growers, meaning the top chateaux often charge very high prices for their wines. However, if you take a little time and look around you can often get very good Bordeaux while spending time in France. Make the trip to the outskirts of the region to visit the smaller grape growers and you’ll be sure to get yourself a great deal.

The Loire Valley

As this is one of the biggest wine producing regions in France, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that the wine will be delicious. Not only is the wine a real draw for visitors here, the scenery will provide stunning backdrops to the drink and the fine French food which accompanies it.

The region stretches from the coast near Nantes where you can experience Muscadet wine, through to Saumur, Anjou and Vouvrav where the wines of Cabernet Franc and Gamay reds can be enjoyed. If Sauvignon Blancs are you favourite then make sure you make the trip to Touraine.

French Wines Burgundy Tasting


The Burgundy region, located in central eastern France, is famous all around the world for its Chardonnay whites and Pinot Noir reds. In the same area though typically separately promoted are the Gamay red Beaujolais and chardonnay-based Chablis sub-region wines. Burgundy produces many different tasting wines despite the fact they are from the same grape. This is down to the different wine making practices of the individual growers and other factors such as the difference in climate, soil and drainage in the different areas.

The area stretches in a long narrow strip from Dijon in the north to Lyons in the south with a history that runs many centuries.

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