I have been impressed by the striking nature of some web photos I have seen where the image is in black and white but with a touch of colour being used as a highlight. I’d love to know what you think of this style of photo.

This lighthouse has guarded the southern entrance to Sydney Harbour for over 150 years and is painted a striking red and white like that of a barber’s pole. Is this a more interesting photo when the blue of the ocean and the green of the grass are desaturated and only the lighthouse remains with any colour?

Similarly does the violets of the water hyacinths in a Kenyan national park become more striking when the surrounded lily pads are turned monochromatic?
For some photos, it is difficult to decide which element to colour. During a recent Sydney festival, this fine musician plays the accordian and saxophone equally adepted, yet does the rich crimson of the accordion make for a more striking photograph?

Or does the silky gold of the saxophone win the day? Or would a full colour photo be preferred?

Please share your opinions on this style of photography. A following article describes the touch of colour technique using Photoshop Elements but the general method should work similarly for any photo editting program.



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