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Located on the very tip of the African continent, at the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans collide, is the beautiful city of Cape Town. Tourists and locals are treated to breathtaking views of land and sea at every turn and beaches so perfect they will spoil other countries offerings in a heartbeat. Expect to dine upon the freshest seafood served as standard at the best Cape Town restaurants washed down with a bottle of the regions finest. Here is a list of the Top Five activities during your time in town.

1. Table Mountain

No matter where you are staying, there is no doubt that you will be able to see this imposing mountain from your Cape Town hotels. Table Mountain is part of the beautiful Table Mountain National Park and if you are into hiking, caving or rock climbing – there are an abundance of great sites to visit. The unusual flat plateau stretches for 3km from side to side with Devil’s Peak to the east and Lion’s Head to the west. Expect to be rewarded with views that you will never forget. If the idea of hiking brings you out in a cold sweat before the walking has even begun we suggest hopping in a cable car that will have you at the top in only 6 minutes.

2. Diving with Great White Sharks

It may sound like something from your worst nightmares but cage diving with Great White Sharks is fast becoming Cape Town’s most popular tourist activity. Once aboard your boat of choice you will be whisked off to nearby Dyer Island which, due to various geographical reasons and the 40,000 strong seal colony, is a popular spot for these beasts of the sea. Once you have braved the cold to hop in to the cage, it will only be minutes before coming face to face with this terrifying ocean predator.

3. Tour the beaches

Whether you prefer secluded coves or long, sandy beaches, Cape Town has it all. Top up your tan, enjoy a lazy afternoon picnic or rub shoulders with the who’s who of Cape Town at trendy hangout, Clifton Beach. Some of the best accommodation in Cape Town offers spectacular ocean views and means you will only be a hop, skip and a jump from the water. If you don’t fancy tackling the surf then you can always swing by False Bay where you can take a dip in the tidal pool.

4. Robben Island

For nearly 400 years, Robben Island was where political opponents, social outcasts and undesirables were exiled. Nelson Mandela spent over two decades incarcerated on Robben Island as the island’s most famous prisoner (photo of his cell). You can take a fascinating tour, conducted by ex-political prisoners and learn all about the prison’s history. This spot is a chilling reminder of the price that newly democratic South Africa has paid for their freedom.

5. Take a wine tour

Just a 45-minute drive out of Cape Town is the Stellenbosch wine region, home of much loved tipples Saxenburg and Delheim. This historical university town is home to the countries first wine route which was founded in 1971. You can easily spend a lazy day navigating between wineries and purchasing souvenirs along the way.

With the incomparable Table Mountain at the heart of the city, wonderful surrounding vistas, relaxing beaches, fascinating wildlife and scenic drives, Cape Town deserves its billing as one of the world’s premier cities to visit.

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