Auckland City View

Scenic Vista Overlooking Auckland

by Samuel Winters

Auckland Harbor

Harbor and City Center, Auckland

New Zealand’s largest city is vibrant, cool and can often be reminiscent of the bustling American metropolis Los Angeles. However, unlike LA, Aucklandis set to the backdrop of the natural world and New Zealand’s beauty; the trees, plants and vegetation almost as numerous as the buildings.

John Logan Campbell may not be a familiar name but he is one of the foremost influential European settlers in his contributions to shaping the city. At the age of 22 he was able to identify and envision the future of the city in which he could help contribute to and build upon through hard work and opportunism. As a skilled individual he could turn his hand to whatever he set his mind on and indeed he did so in great variety; setting up banks, insurance companies, shipping, the first exports of cargo and a newspaper, and even serving in Parliament. His contributions to the development of the city saw him become one of the most prominent members of the Auckland society over the years. It is no doubt that what he achieved those many years ago were to shape the future, and the success of the city.

Auckland Piha Beach

Piha Beach, Auckland

The best way to relax and experience some true kiwi culture is by booking a holiday apartment. Stay in a holiday home by the sea if that tickles your fancy. A word of advice when in Auckland is to rent a car, as it will make it easier for you to make short trips into the wilderness. The beautiful and winding drive to the west coast of Pihais an experienced surfer’s paradise and the area will really give the impression that you are in the tropical Pacific with its lush green trees and rugged landscapes.

Many visitors and locals may not be aware that Auckland is full of volcanoes, one of which is Rangatoto Island. One of the city’s natural landmarks, you can go there by boat and go for a walk. Waihiki Island is also easily accessible by boat and great for a day trip as the place is surrounded by fabulous vineyards and top restaurants.

On the theme of cuisine, there are great places to dine in Auckland. If you are just looking for an atmospheric café, it won’t take you very long! Get adventurous and head down side streets for neat cafes, or if you want to get to experience the city at a local level, the Onehunga markets is where you need to head over on a Saturday. Farmers markets can be found in many districts during the weekend if organic and gourmet is what you are seeking. Or during those hot summer months, there are plenty of local festivals which are free and full of fun. Pacifika Fest, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve are all celebrations which demonstrate the city’s multiculturalism.

For a truly exotic experience, Auckland’s various faces, from cultures to landscape, will surely make your holiday there one to remember.

Photo Credit: view, harbour, Piha Beach



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