A Tower of lights on Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art

A Tower of lights on Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art

Vivid 2012 in Sydney included impressive 3D mapped projections on Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House. The Museum dazzled in a abstract modern show of primary colours flung across its sandstone facia. The silhouetted crowds give a suggestion to the show’s popularity but too many photos have blackened heads in front of them!!

Photos can be clicked to enlarge. Enjoy the newly extended Museum of Contemporary Art as it is rarely seen. Click here for photos of lighting of the Opera House and various light sculptures.

Vivid 2012 Sydney Museum Contemporary Art Abstract Light

Abstract Lighting on Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art

Vivid light show from the other side

Vivid 2012 Sydney Museum Contemporary Art Coloured Circles

Radiating light circles

Vivid 2012 Sydney Museum Contemporary Art Red Yellow

A sea of red and yellow



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