Lattitude in Malawi

Lattitude in Malawi

guest post by Adam Ulivi

The opportunity for change and new beginnings hardly arrives every day, but for a nation like Malawi in southern Africa, moving forward is very much the country’s commitment. With the recently instated President Joyce Banda pledging to repair diplomatic tensions, boost the nation’s infrastructure and create economic growth, Malawi is a country ready to invest in the future.

Joyce Banda, President of Malawi

Joyce Banda, President of Malawi

The fact that Malawi is currently under the leadership of its historic first female president is indicative of the country’s commitment to modernise. 2013 could be the year you make a difference and play a vital role in helping to define a nation’s growth.

Global volunteering specialists Lattitude are offering a variety of volunteering placements within Malawi, giving volunteers the chance to shine. With the country’s increasing focus on education and infrastructure, teachers of English, maths, history and more are sought to help the children of Malawi grow into articulate adults.

These rural placements also seek those with medical expertise to take on the role of assisting the community Health Officer, a vital part of enhancing well-being and physical vitality day to day. Community roles are also available working with disabled or orphaned children, as well as conservation work to allow various regions of Malawi to attain stable environmental growth.

Malawi is a welcoming, warm country whose people are committed to redefining their role in modern Africa. Lattitude will assist in training for the various roles, such as with Teacher Skill Courses or Special Training Courses, as well as ensuring volunteers are provided with welcoming accommodation within the community.

Enriching experiences, a cultural change of pace and the opportunity to contribute to the revitalisation of a nation are just some of the reasons for getting involved. Each voluntary vocation has limited spaces available and are set to commence in January 2013 for six months. These will be followed by a second run of placements in August 2013, also six months in length.

Application deadlines for the January positions must be made before the deadline of 30th September 2012, so don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime! Contributing to Malawi’s new beginning should prove to be a fulfilling, compelling and highly rewarding adventure, and you’ll be helping shape communities and enrich lives.

For more information and to get involved, visit Lattitude’s website and find out how you can volunteer in Malawi and see how you could contribute to Malawi’s ongoing dedication to positive change.

After Adam’s travels around the world, he is currently doing his best to let everyone know about the work of Lattitude Global Volunteering and the great opportunities they provide.

Photo Credits: Lattitude group, CNTV – Joyce Banda



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