Canada without Limits Lord Nelson Jubilee Sailing Trust

With its wheelchair access and specialist fitout, Jubilee Sailing Trust’s Lord Nelson is purpose built to take sailors of all abilities.

guest post by Daisy Hatami

Adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular for everyone as more tour operators and holiday destinations are accommodating people of varying abilities. As individuals we are all unique and all have different requirements when going on holiday. Researching properly before travelling abroad to ensure that the activities you wish to take part in are available and that the hotel and local transport will be convenient.

An adventure holiday will give you the opportunity to try something new and enjoy an experience you may have once thought you could never do. Once you make a decision on the type of adventure you want to take then all that’s left to do is book your place, book your disabled travel insurance and get ready for your adventure. We all live busy lives and don’t often have the time to research what is available. Here are some examples of adventure trips you could try.

Scuba diving

When it comes to diving there is a whole new world waiting to be discovered and with the increasing number of diving centres around the world accommodating people with disabilities it is now much more accessible. You can learn to dive before you go away or whilst you are on your adventure holiday. Most centres have dive buddies to enable you to have the most comfortable experience possible. Freedom At Depth is Canada’s premier scuba diving organisation for people with disabilities. The training is adapted to each person’s need because comfort and safety come first.


Canada without Limits Adaptive Skiing

Adaptive skiing on a giant slalom course

Are you a fan of the snow? Then a ski trip to Canada could be just what you need to start a new adventure and to learn a new sport. Ski 2 Freedom is a handy directory with information on where to take part in adaptive skiing around Canada. There are many different forms of skiing available to people with disabilities and they often come under the term adaptive skiing. Adaptive skiing started with the sit-ski and the mono-ski. The sit-ski is beneficial for people with significant physical limitations and is ideal for those who use a wheelchair. You will find that resorts that offer adaptive skiing will be supportive in helping you to ski alongside friends and family. Dog sledding is also available at many resorts and is suitable for a wide range of disabilities including those who have difficulty walking.

Canada without Limits Tenacious Jubilee Sailing Trust

Tenacious under sail


The Jubilee Sailing Trust owns and operates Lord Nelson and Tenacious, these are the only two tall ships in the world which have been built to enable people of all abilities to sail side by side. You can depart from Halifax, Canada on the Lord Nelson and end up in Europe, a good adventure is sure to be had. On each ship you will find cabins that have wider bunks that are suitable for wheelchair users. On board everyone has the same opportunities and you can get involved with everything from setting the sails to taking the helm. This would be a fantastic opportunity for anybody who has a desire to experience a sea adventure.

So if you want to stretch your horizons and explore Canada then look at the options that suit your interests and requirements and get started on your adventure.

Photo credits: tall ship, skiing, tenacious



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