Dunedin Taieri Gorge Train Running over a Bridge

The Taieri Gorge train crossing one of many iron viaducts

Dunedin Taieri Gorge Train Viaduct

The Taieri Gorge train carves its way through steep gorge country

As a sightseeing train, the Taieri Gorge Train carves and rollicks its way over 130 year old iron viaducts and through spectacular plunging gorges and verdant farming lands, reliving trips that first started in the 1870s.

It departs from palatial Dunedin Railway Station which perches on the edge of town in resplendent black and white stone, surrounded by elegant gardens and crowned with a soaring clock tower. As the train rumbled over century-old viaducts, one couldn’t help but wonder at the exceptional engineering, cutting rail line through such inhospitable country. Numerous iron lattice viaducts flatten a path over sharp ravines and sheer gorges while numerous narrow tunnels dot the path blasted through jagged hills. The Taieri River escorts the train on its journey always trickling hundreds of metres below.

In a sign of entrepreneurial foresight, the Dunedin Council purchased the line after the government closed it in 1990 as it no longer provided an economic or useful service.

Today, Hindon station has little more than a memorial to faithful sheep dogs

Today, Hindon station has little more than a memorial to faithful sheep dogs

Stops are made at a number of old remote stationsand a lively commentary helps relive the pioneering spirit of early farmers exploring the opening of the the central Otago Plains.

With only a house or two visible on the whole journey and no road access, the journey will suit train enthusiasts who will love the preservation of this historic line while sightseers will enjoy the remote rugged country and stunning panoramic vistas.

Tip: Ask for a seat on the right hand side as it leaves Dunedin for the best views of Taieri Gorge.

Regal Dunedin Railway Station

Regal Dunedin Railway Station

Dunedin Taieri Gorge Train Remarkable Viaducts

The superb engineering of iron viaducts in difficult locations

Forested hills joined by a latticework viaduct on the Taieri Gorge line

Forested hills joined by a latticework viaduct on the Taieri Gorge line



8 Responses to Taieri Gorge Train: A Photo-Journey (Dunedin, New Zealand)

  • Donna Hull says:

    There’s something so enticing about a train ride. I’d take this train ride just to give me a reason to visit the Dunedin. Train Station. The views of Taieri Gorge would be the icing on the cake.

  • Riding in the train station in Dunedin, I’d probably see what New Zealand tourism offers. The view from the train is really spectacular. I’d myself love to see these.

  • Dean says:

    I don’t remember seeing the Railway station when I was in Dunedin. It’s beautiful! Looks like a great train journey.

  • I have ridden numerous trains and found them extremely relaxing. Seeing the spectacular view that Taieri Gorge Train in New Zealand crosses, gives me another reason to crave to visit Australia’s neighboring island. My personal favorite is was across Canada, especially in and around The Rockies.

    • Mark H says:

      I’ve been to the Rockies and Canada does have great trains through that region. NZ equally has a fine journey (I’ve not travelled it) down the west coast through some of their alpine country which is popular.

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