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Rugs for sale in the Hammamet Medina

Guest post by Amrita Evans

Narrow alleys of Hammamet's medina

Narrow alleys of Hammamet’s medina

Hammamet, Tunisia has been a popular visitors’ destination since the 1960s, when the first tourist hotels were built along the beautiful Hammamet beach. This sandy paradise, 40 miles away from the capital city of Tunis, is a glorious arc of yellow sand and lush surroundings popular with package holiday-makers. After a swim, visitors can take camel rides along the beach and explore a beautiful, walled medina filled with an assortment of shops and boutiques – however haggling is the custom here, so be prepared to barter for your goods.

If beach strolls and shopping aren’t for you, why not check out Villa Sebastian, an architectural masterpiece that has played host to numerous historical, artistic and political titans, including Winston Churchill and Paul Klee. Built in the 1920s, the villa takes its name from Romanian millionaire owner, Georges Sebastian, a notable conductor from the early part of the last century. Sebastian also created the expansive Botanical Gardens, a 14 acre display of some of Tunisia’s most beautiful plant life and open to visitors all year round.

Tunisia Hammaret Villa Sebastian Colonnaded Pool

The reflected opulence of Villa Sebastian

The best way to see any city is on foot and Hammamet is no different. However, you can pick up a fairly inexpensive taxi on most streets if you’re going further afield or you simply find yourself worn out by the North African sun. Be sure to agree on a price beforehand however, so there can be no arguments when you reach your destination.

Anyone planning their stay during July and August will be just in time for the Carthage International Festival. Taking place in Hammamet’s old Roman amphitheatre, this arts festival brings together national and international names to create the country’s biggest arts event of the year. Founded in 1964, the festival showcases many of Africa’s biggest names in music as well as a fine array of films from Hollywood blockbusters to independent African flicks.

Tunisia Hammamet Carthage Festival Performers 100 Violins

A performance of 100 Violins at the recent Carthage Festival

A short journey out of Hammamet leads to Nabeul. Famed for its ceramics industry, Nabeul offers an affordable alternative to the bustling city of Hammamet. The busy Friday market is a great option for a day trip if you want to discover the world beyond the beach.

Despite Hammamet’s popularity as a holiday destination, there are hundreds of online deals for anyone looking into package holidays for affordable prices. A number of travel agents offer great deals for groups and families, which can be easily tailored to meet your needs.

Amrita Evans is a Scotland-based travel writer who left her hometown in the US more than 10 years ago and never looked back. October is her favourite month.

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