Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge Glamping Tent

The luxury tents blend into the wilderness area

After a fun-filled but dusty and tiring day riding quad-bikes around Kings Creek Station and exploring the wondrous panoramas of Kings Canyon, the idea of camping in the middle of the outback may alarm some. However my Northern Territory Checklist itinerary listed glamorous camping or glamping (is that a horrible word or is it just me?) at Kings Creek Wilderness Lodge.

Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge Interior

A cabin interior

Any concerns are removed the instant I arrive. The raised tented cabins offer the ultimate in outback accommodation. All feature reverse-cycling air-conditioning, fly-screening, superbly appointed private ensuite bathrooms and elegant relaxing private decks to enjoy the late afternoon sunset. The lodge is impressively designed for low enivronmental impactmaking maximum usage of water and generating most of its power via a large bank of solar panels.

Rather than numbers, each Kings Creek Wilderness Lodge cabin (there are only ten) is named after a significant central Australian who is written up in a compendium in the room. Sinking into the balcony deck chair, I read that Len Tuit is considered the father of Central Australian Tourism. Running mail trucks on desert tracks in the early half of last century, Len envisioned a day when he could share the outback country he loved with other Australians and people from around the world.

Battling typical government intransigence, lack of vision and apathy (one response included “how could a a large lump of rock be sold as a tourist destination“, Len persisted and eventually convinced authorities and the area around Uluru (Ayers Rock) was opened with a small town and decent access roads. I can imagine Len would be in his resting place very contented with his vision seeing people experience the Red Centre in locations like Kings Creek Station.

Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge Bathroom

Well appointed bathrooms…

The lodge includes a gourmet dinner in its offering. Tasty pre-dinner nibbles and drinksare enjoyed outdoors over a campfire in the serenity of outback evening – tasty treats including salmon, smoked kangaroo, cheeses, quandong (local fruit) and more all skilfully combined with local herbs such as pepperberry, wattleseed, lemon myrtle and mountain black pepper as the guests compare stories of their day’s adventures. A dazzling array of stars and the silky white stripe of the Milky Way sits overhead, unseen with such cosmic intensity in typical cities and towns.

The main dinner is served a simple lounge / dining area, the walls covered with historic photos highlighting the battles of pioneering families eking a living in the spectacular but harsh outback.
Dinner is communal and includes camel minced with thyme wrapped in prosciutto, succulent lamb with some local herbs and chicken along with generous servings of vegetables, followed by enticing desserts.

It doesn’t get any closer to the outback than Kings Creek Wilderness Lodge. Perched on the doorstep of Kings Canyon and sited among desert oak trees in a secluded part of Kings Creek Station, Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge is a truly unique Australian outback experience that will ensure that you enjoy your Red Centre experience without sacrificing any home comforts. And remember, raise a glass to thank Len Tuit, whose foresight pioneered tourism in Australia’s Red Centre.

The author travelled as a guest of Tourism NT and Plus7.

Visit the NT Checklist website for a chance to win a trip to Australia’s Red Centre.



7 Responses to Glamping at Kings Creek Wilderness Lodge (Northern Territory, Australia)

  • Mark, I am SO with you on the word “glamping.” Horrible word. Fortunately, the experience looks like it was anything but. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the inside of the tent. Love to experience something like this myself sometime, even if I DO have to call it glamping.

  • If one has to camp, this isn’t half bad. Of course you’re not battling with the changeable English weather which is the killer of many a camping holiday!

  • Addison S. says:

    Wow, that is pretty cool how they blend in what is a really nice place into the background scenery of the environment. It reminds me a lot of the safari lodges in South Africa (Kruger National Park)…the way they are spic and span and really hi-end on the inside. On the outside, you would never know!

    • Mark H says:

      Very much like the luxury tents on African safaris. I’ve stayed in a couple in Tanzania and Kenya and this has the same matched feeling of luxury while still being a tent.

  • Impressive location!I would like to experience the feeling inside the tent.

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