Lake Tekapo Church of the Good Shepherd Setting

The petite Church of the Good Shepherd is idyllically located among the turquoise blue waters of Lake Tekapo overlooking the New Zealand Alps

Lake Tekapo Church of the Good Shepherd

The stone-built little Church of the Good Shepherd is popular for weddings. Note the NZ Falcon perched on the cross that has become its lookout.

Churches have a habit of being built on the most prime land in a town or city – on top of a hill or on the main square. The petite Church of Good Shepherd commands picture-postcard views across the glacial waters of Lake Tekapo to New Zealand’s highest mountains and represents the first church in the area. Its striking turquoise blue-green colour (from suspended glacial rock dust or rock flour reflecting sunlight) contrasts with colourful lupinsand snow-capped mountains attracting many couples for a special wedding ceremony.

Lake Tekapo Lupin

Violet and mauve lupins grow as wildflowers on the lake edge.

Lake Tekapo New Zealand Falcon

A relatively rare New Zealand Falcon commands the high point on the church – ideal as a lookout.

Lake Tekapo Collie Statue

A tribute to the fine sheep farming skills of the collie

An endangered New Zealand Falconseems to have made the church’s crucifix its home commanding the finest views in the area and ideal for hunting the surrounding area. Its piercing gaze controlled the area, its eyes peeled for any opportunity for a feed, seemingly undisturbed by the crowds of photographers snapping the elegant church.

A neighbouring bronze collie statue (like Lassie) also has a permanent home commemorating the role that these athletic intelligent dogs played in developing the area as prime sheep farming properties.

Lake Tekapo Church of the Good Shepherd Interior

The tiny church commands a superb view of Lake Tekapo though its panorama window.

Lake Tekapo Church of the Good Shepherd View

A spiritually uplifting view

The area has such clear skies that it has a major observatory on a neighbouring hill and specialised street lighting that doesn’t project its light skyward ensuring optimal viewing conditions for those of an astronomical persuasion (visitors can check out the Mount John Observatorytoo, but cloud cover prevented any chances during my visit).

Lake Tekapo is a quiet picturesque town popular with folks from Dunedin and Christchurch as a weekend escape with stunning views and a lakeside walk and makes for an ideal overnight stop travelling the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island.



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