Liverpool Slavery Tate and Albert Dock

The modern Slvaery Museum and the Tate Liverpool overlook Albert Dock in a revitalised cultural centre of Liverpool

by Rebecca Steele

Liverpool Slavery Museum Moving Sculpture

The emotive International Slavery Museum has many moving displays and sculptures

The North Western city of Liverpool certainly has its fair share of culture to offer its visitors, which would have certainly helped its nomination as joint Capital of Culture in 2008. With several museums and galleries to keep you occupied during your stay in the city, you could easily spend a day or two here absorbing the history and heritage.

Museum of Liverpool

The museum tells the story of Liverpool with a series of exhibits and displays, homed in a stunning building. Entry to the museum and its exhibitions is free. Highlights include the Kicking and Screaming film experience, which explores the passion that Liverpool has for football, including the rivalry and successes of their two Premiership teams. Also includes a look at how the first world war devastated Liverpool people, not only on the Western Front but also loved ones who stayed at home. You can also catch a glimpse of the Lion locomotive, from 1838 and a replica of the iconic Liver bird sculpture.

Liverpool Merseyside Maritime Museum Entrance

The huge anchor from woodern naval battleship HMS Conway (1839) greets visitors to the Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum

The major exhibition held in this museum is related to the infamous ship, the Titanic, including Titanic and Liverpool: the Untold Story that runs throughout 2013. Be sure to catch one of the accompanying events and performances, that are held at various times throughout the year – check the museum website for more details. You can also appreciate various artifacts linked with nautical archaeology, including full sized vessels, model ships and maritime paintings.

International Slavery Museum

Gain insight into the untold stories of the enslaved people, throughout history and more modern times. It has three main galleries, including Life in West Africa – exploring the people who were central to transatlantic slavery; Enslavement and the Middle Passage – revealing some of the brutality suffered by Africans during their transatlantic journey and their subsequent oppression in the USA and Legacies of Slavery – detailing the continued fight for freedom and modern racism, prejudice and discrimination.

Liverpool World Museum Aquarium

The World Museum in Liverpool includes an impressive aquarium

World Museum

With a new exhibition programme for 2013, Anglo-Saxon treasures, meteorites from Mars and Ancient Egyptian mummies, the World museum holds plenty to see and appreciate to keep you busy for a whole day. Enjoy a journey through space with the help of a state-of-the-art planetarium and explore marine life with an onsite aquarium.

Liverpool Tate Modern Art

The Tate Liverpool has a regular program of special exhibitions and live events, celebrating art since 1500.

Tate Liverpool

As the largest collection of modern and contemporary art in the UK, outside of London, any art lover will appreciate a few hours browsing the collection of works at the Tate Liverpool. With exhibitions including Thresholds, Sylvia Sleigh and Glam! The Performance of Style at the gallery until May, there are plenty of reasons to head on over. Permanent works by inspiring artists such as Eva Rothschild and the infamous Andy Warhol, as well as impressive sculptures and modern masterpieces, the Tate Liverpool is a fantastic gallery to while away many an hour.

Make your budget break in Liverpool a rewarding one and fill your afternoons with a spot of culture.

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