by Steve Juba

PhotoFly Travel Club is growing fast and it’s totally free to be a member. The reason – amazing adventures, great photography, awesome people, and small group experiences that feel more like solo travel. Steve Juba founded the clubs back in 2008 and with over 5,000 members they go on 10-15 trips a year that are created and designed specifically for the club. “I created the clubs because I love to travel but never liked doing group tours since they were mostly touristy and skipped all the really good stuff…Solo travel is great but it gets lonely so we’ve come up with the perfect travel club for anyone who loves travel, photography, and unique experiences”.

Below are some of the clubs favorite pics (along with the member’s description) taken on trips over the years….

1. Holy Fish Traps (Maine, USA)

Holy Fishtraps Maine

Maine is one of the most overlooked must visit destinations in America. The seafood, people, and fantastic beaches along the southern coastline are phenomenal. We took this colorful shot on a trip to Cape Porpoise.

2. Unreal REAL Colors at Moraine Lake (Alberta, Canada)

moraine lake vert Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is stunning and their lakes are all so unique and different it’s hard to pick a favorite. But Moraine Lake probably wins for the most amazing lake in the Rockies. The sheer mountains in the backdrop with the hard to believe blue tones of the lake give off an alien or fairytale like appearance (and know we promise we didn’t do any color rendering on Photoshop!).

3. Rainbow Flow: Big Island is Alive (Hawaii, USA)

Rainbow Flow Hawaii

Hawaii is a very special place to our travel club. We’ve been bringing our members here for years and going to the most amazing places where often only the locals know of. Here is a prime example: we were so lucky to witness this beautiful rainbow behind an active lava flow on the Big Island! This is as much as you could ask visiting the Big Island. Thank you Pele! (Pele is the beloved and feared goddess of creation in Hawaii).

4. Nice Vacation Home (Mt Sinai, Egypt)

rock house pan

This little house was built on the side of a really cool rock face we photographed on the hike down from Moses Mountain (aka Mount Sinai). We departed at 2:00am to get to the top for sunrise where many travelers and spiritual pilgrims go to witness the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments according to the Bible.

5. Unique look at the Opera (Sydney, Australia)

Squares building pan Australia

We witnessed this cool viewpoint of the Sydney Opera House when walking across the Harbor Bridge in Australia. Sydney is one of our favorite cities and the entire country is so much fun!

PhotoFly Travel Club’s group tours not only offer great travel photography opportunities, but unique off the path adventures with great people!



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