Las Vegas Bellagio Caesars Palace Night

Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace at night with the stunning Bellagio dancing fountains

by Jamie King

If your idea of a luxury hotel is one where they leave a chocolate on the pillow and give you a pair of disposable slippers to wear then you haven’t experienced the opulence of some of the world’s most expensive hotel rooms. Far from stretching to a couple of hundred pounds a night, these unimaginably expensive rooms can cost the price of a decent four-by-four for just one night’s stay. If you happen to have just won the Euromillions then Las Vegas is the place to head for the ultimate in lavish accommodation.

Las Vegas The Palms Hefner Room Pool

Swimming pool in the Hefner Room at the Palms is like swimming into inifinity…

The Palms

For the multi-millionaire who wants a night to remember, of course Las Vegas’ most expensive hotel suite is the place to head. Located at the top of the famous Palms Casino is the rather more infamous Hugh Hefner Sky Villa which comes in at a Hugh-hefty $40,000 per night. The aging playboy himself had a hand in designing this suite so it goes without saying that the bed is of the rotating kind with mirrors above. A stunning infinity pool will have swimmers feeling like they’re swimming on top of the world. The suite has its own massage room, gym and all mod cons that no gigolo could be without, such as giant hot tub and sauna. Getting to the suite is a luxury in itself with Willy Wonka-esque glass elevator.

In the same hotel are suites with their own bowling alleys, basketball courts, stripper poles or even one with its own decks for wannabe DJs. The sky is the limit when it comes to delivering the luxury that the world’s richest few want to discover.

Hotel Bellagio

Cheap by comparison, the Chairman Suite at the Hotel Bellagio is still a current account draining $6,000 a night. At 4000 square feet this suite sees guests entering via a bridge over a stunning pool. With two master bedrooms, whirlpool baths and several 50 inch TV’s everything is operated by remote control. All guests need do is lie back and enjoy the luxurious surroundings.

MGM Grand Skylofts

Las Vegas MGM Grand Skyloft Bathroom

Mirrors sit behind the mirro and over the bath in MGM Grand’s Skylofts apartments

Another spot famed for its opulent suites is the MGM Grand and its Skylofts suites. For guests to these high end surroundings the A list treatment begins as soon as they touch down. They’ll enjoy being picked up from the airport in style in a $400,000 Maybach 62 and, when they arrive in their suite, their own personal butler will unpack their cases and arrange anything they desire. Some of the suites contain baths which appear to fizz with champagne as millions of tiny bubbles massage the occupant and behind the mirrors, TV screens play to ensure you never miss your favourite shows again.

Caesar’s Palace

Las Vegas Caesars Palace Roman Statues

Live like an emperor in the Roman-themed Caesar’s Palace

A list of the best places to stay in Las Vegas wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Caesar’s Palace. In the Duplex Suite here, at around $3,500 a night, guests can enjoy staying in the room which featured in movie, Rain Man. Taking into consideration that being a multi-millionaire can bring with it a lot of clinger-ons and fair-weather friends, the designers of the suite thoughtfully added a twelve-seater couch to accommodate the circle of friends.

The gambling capital of the world is a place of fantasy unlike any other and some of its most luxurious hotel suites cater to the imaginations and tastes of some of the richest folks in the world. A stay in one of these for most of us would be like dropping into another world. For the world’s richest few, it’s just another night in Las Vegas.

If you’re thinking of staying in one of these outrageous hotels you’ll need to save some cash but maybe it is worth it for a special once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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