There we are, a pin stuck in a wall. There’s the United States, about 24 square inches’worth, and there’s the rest of the world, about 1,700 square inches begging to be explored”. Alarmed at his five failed applications to Amazing Race and inspired to discover the world, young American Adam Shepard, decided to experience the world to the fullest and encourage others to do the same.

One Year Lived Adam Shepard Koala

Shepard proudly cuddles a koala during his “One Year Lived”

Over a year and with limited finances, Adam Shepard fulfils his promise and more. With a relaxed and easy to read writing style, the book engages As a series of stories digging beneath into the culture and fabric of each area he travels in. At times, Shepard eschews the typical for the unusual with reflective commentary drawn from his childhood (especially his will to become a topline basketballer and the influence of his coach, Jack). In One Year Lived Shepard seeks out the unusual and the adventurous. The reader is carried along as if they are sharing the journey with him. Shepard spends a year travelling and experiencing Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and parts of Europe.

In Australia, the author cuddles a koala (one of many items on his bucket-list) but more importantly experiences life on a million acre outback station (“with one homestead in the middle for twenty people”) where mail is delivered by plane. Shepard musters cattle on a scale that involves helicopters and motorcycles though becomes quickly aware of his own shortcomings in such a demanding environment – that he believes that his boss gave him the simplest jobs to keep him out of the way and not make things harder for the others.

Humanity bubbles from several of the ventures. In Nicaragua, Shepard assist in digging wells to supply a village with clean water while working in support of impoverished children in Honduras. Between times he steps into the ring with a fiery bull and becomes infatuated with the incredible life-and-death culture of football (soccer) in Guatemala.

The journey runs on the theme of discovery and makes a wonderful addition to any travel library.

Get out there. Meet people. See places. Eat street food. Take a class or teach one. Inform yourself about the world and inform the world about you. Choose your own adventure.

I heartily recommend it as an addition to your travel library.

Adam has kindly offer 25 free PDF copies to my readers. Simply comment below with how you’d spend “One Year Lived” and I’ll email you a copy, courtesy of Adam Shepard.

Koala photo courtesy of Adam Shepard.



9 Responses to Get a Free Copy: Book Review: One Year Lived (Adam Shepard)

  • Emily says:

    Looks so interesting! With a year, I’d totally traipse around out of the way places – and try and be useful wherever I landed! Guatemala has my heart – I often ponder quitting life and moving there…

  • jackie says:

    I would totally do the same, of course if I was a lot younger :)

  • Kat says:

    I love the idea of assisting in a community project while immersing myself in the culture of the place I’m in. While I’m not currently in a position to leave my job and travel for a year, I live vicariously through people like Adam, and add new places to my wish list as I do.

  • Karren Da Jose says:

    With a year to live my wanderlust, I’d totally hie off across the globe and visit all the UNESCO World Heritage sites. I’m already lucky enough to live in a country with the most amazing beaches and coves, the PHILIPPINES, so it would be nice to see the historical places and immerse myself in people’s culture for a change. And, for this amazing journey, I’d make sure that all tomorrows be my today.

  • Rachel says:

    Being at the end of spending 8 months living in France and traveling around Europe, I would jump at another opportunity to travel for one year. Having explored much of Europe, on my One Year Lived I would want to visit more of Asia and Africa. Right now, I have my heart set on going to someplace like Tanzania and teaching/volunteering for several months. Really, the list is endless.

    • Mark H says:

      Africa, especially, is a fantastic continent to explore – to me the most diverse of all. Enjoy “One Year Lived” which covers several continents.

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