Pembrokeshire Rugged Coastline

Pembrokeshire boasts stunning and wild coastal scenery among beautiful beaches

by Emma Carey

Pembrokeshire Lydstep Caverns Beach

Lydstep Caverns only shows a sandy beach at low tide

It’s great to be able to pick a holiday destination that will meet all your expectations and provide you with all the elements you need for a great family holiday. If you love walking and hiking then there are many places to choose from in the British Isles that offer a fantastic selection of walks but also to plenty of other things to do. If you choose to give the hotel a miss for your next holiday, alternative accommodation such as camping and Wales caravan holidays are becoming increasingly popular.

In order to make sure everyone in the family gets what they want from the holiday, picking a coastal location is often the safest bet. This means that you can not only enjoy plenty of beautiful coastal trail walking, but there are also lots of opportunities for fun days on the beach too.

Pembrokeshire Green Bridge of Wales

The natural Green Bridge of Wales is a popular highlight on the coastal walk

Pembrokeshire in Wales offers the best of all worlds, with the national park boasting the Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail – almost 200 miles of interesting, beautiful and varied coastline, which takes you from St Dogmaels to Amroth. There are also more than 200 circular walks to choose from – often perfect for a walk with children as you don’t need to retrace your steps. The different walks vary in length and the amount of stamina required, and there are plenty of walks which are suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. You can plan walks to include breaks on the beach or where there are some spectacular viewpoints.

The beaches are some of the most beautiful in Britain, and fifteen of Pembrokeshire’s beaches have been awarded the Green Coast Award – for their unspoiled environmental records and great water quality. These include Glen Beach, Penally, Caldy Island, Druidston, Freshwater East and West Dale.

You can choose to visit seaside town beaches like Saundersfoot and Tenby or those which are less accessible and so offer greater seclusion. There are beaches which are great for rock pooling and others that are best for swimming or water sports such as windsurfing and surfing.

Pembrokeshire Puffin

Puffins are popular inhabitants of Pemborkeshire in areas such as Skomer Island

Wildlife lovers will have plenty of animals and birds to look out for as they walk the coastal paths of Pembrokeshire. You can see puffins and peregrine falcons as well as maybe spotting seals, porpoises and dolphins in the waves.

Although most visitors head to Pembrokeshire in the summer, this is also a great place to come in the late spring or early autumn, and these times can often offer better walking conditions. You’ll experience a different Pembrokeshire at these times of the year; with fewer visitors you’ll have more space around you to drink in the majestic beauty of the landscape.

Of course, as it’s such a popular place to visit there is no shortage of holiday accommodation to choose from. Wales caravan holidays are popular and there are a number of different caravan parks to choose from. You don’t need to own a caravan to stay on them though – many offer mobile homes for rent, or you could always bring your tent with you. There are plenty of private holiday cottages, hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from as well. But if you have young children, then staying on a campsite can be ideal, and give them plenty of freedom to run around and make new friends.

Pembrokeshire in Wales is a great place for walking and a family holiday with plenty of varied activities on offer.

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4 Responses to Discover the Pembrokeshire Coast (Wales)

  • Miles says:

    The Pembrokeshire coast has a lot to offer and can be great for kids as there are so many great beaches. But I also loved it when I went walking there without the family. I took the Pembrokeshire coastal path, which is incredible, but not really for young kids. There’s some amazing scenery, sea air and lots of beaches to take a rest at along the way.

  • I’d love to do some walking in Pembrokeshire – it’s on my list next time I visit my son in Swansea

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