Berlin Street Art Colour

Every wall is a potential canvas in Berlin’s street art scene

by David Miller

Berlin Street Art Swing

There are dramatic theme changes between each image

Berlin is possibly the most surprising city in Europe. In Paris, London and Amsterdam you know what to expect and where to go, but in Berlin every street can hold an unexpected surprise. That’s why Berlin is the city to go for people who want to experience a true urban adventure. In this article we are going to take you of the beaten path.

A Brief History to the Creative Scene

The Berlin Wall fell in the eighties and ever since that time the city turned into a huge construction area. The wall divided east and west. The east was led by communist Russia and the west was led by France, the UK and USA. This strict dividence has left its marks all over the city. Many areas and apartment blocks were empty for many years. This has attracted artists and musicians from all parts of Germany and surrounding countries. Rents were low, creative space –almost- freely available to the masses. This has led to many creative initiatives and a blossoming underground scene created by the people and for the people.

Getting Lost

The best way to experience Berlin is by getting lost. I used to live in Berlin for a year and still managed to find exciting new places, simply by getting off at a random tram or metro station. For tourists who are staying in Berlin for just a few days, this might not be the best option. Most areas are safe but some areas might not offer anything special at all. If you live in Berlin you can afford to spend that amount of time but if you want to see best, just read on. Check out this link for information about travel insurances:

StreetGhosts, Wilde Renate and Devil’s Mountain?

Chances are you went to one of the big cities around the world and you saw the National Museum, the occasional coffeehouse chain (you know which one I’m talking about) and the History Museum. But what you will see in Berlin you will not experience anywhere else.

Berlin Street Art Streetghosts

Life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View are re-posted (without authorisation) at the same spot where they were taken.

StreetGhosts – Berlin has some issues with privacy. After the wall fell, everyone just wanted to be free. People wanted to live without too much government control. The project “Streetghosts” is an international art project. Art posters of humans are glued to walls of public streets. Google automatically blocks those faces when making recordings for streetview to show on their Google Maps service. In Berlin these posters are literally everywhere. It’s a sport of some to rip off their heads after Google has photographed them. According to some artists this shows our loss of privacy.

Salon zur wilden Renate – Connections, passage rooms, basements and apparently free entrance for the homeless ensure this venue is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to get lost you are on the right place here. Visitors are picked up from different groups to prevent the forming of groups. Great to meet new people and have your own unique experience during the night.

Berlin Street Art Teufelsberg Domes

Once a West Berlin listening post, Teufelsberg is now a popular source of street art

Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain)Devil’s Mountain is located just outside Berlin. If you want to enjoy a great view over the city, go here. The structure you will find on top of the hill (a collection of giant white orbs with deteriorated satellites inside) looks surreal, and if you are in a naughty mood you can try to get in.

Photo Credits: colourful wall, girl’s swing, streetghosts, teufelsberg domes



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