Mt Edith Cavell Angel Glacier Inukshuk

An inukshuk stands in homage to the beauty of Angel Glacier and Mt Edith Cavell

Vancouver Winter Olympics Inukshuk

A stylised inukshuk greeted the Winter Olympic athletes

Wandering the northern climes of Canada, visitors may be greeted by mysterious stone figures or inukshuk. Recently a symbol of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games (2010) and used by the Inuit people for many hundreds of years, many temporary ones are seen around scenic areas as an acknowledgement of the beauty of nature. Each inukshuk feels like it has its own character with the shape, colour and style of the rocks and the balance and poise of the construction.

Meaning in the likeness of a human in the Inuit language, the rocky figures are traditionally used as navigational aids (where the arms indicate the path), a place where food or fish may be found (often with antlers), in highly spiritual areas and as a mark of respect or memorial to a loved descendant.

Churchill Hudson Bay Inukshuk

A grand inukshuk stands guard over the brooding waters of Hudson Bay in Churchill

Churchill Museum Inukshuk

…while a more modest one stands outside the Churchill Museum

The construction skill appears to vary dramatically from hastily built roughly shaped piles of stones to lovingly built works of architectural precision. I have seen several around Canada from the beauty of Angel Glacier in Jasper National Park to the polar bear habitat of Churchill in north eastern Canada and wear one on a chain around my neck.

If you find one, enjoy its spiritual value and admire its unique character, or maybe build your own but leave it whole as Inuit tradition forbids the destruction of an inukshuk.



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