Reading Marwell Wildlife Park Tiger

Marwell Widlife Park, just outside Reading are conservation and education minded. No bars on the tiger’s enclosure.

by Howard Johnston

If you are reading this you have probably already re-read this first sentence a couple of times as I often do when reading the word Reading, pronounced “Redding”. The town is part of the UK version of Silicon Valley – a concentration of businesses and industry to the west of the capital – and one of the stops off the M4 corridor in and out of London. For the business traveller, living albeit temporarily, in a Reading hotel this commercial landscape may seem quite barren in terms of entertainment on those days off or when the family is also in town. Naturally, London is close enough for a wealth of activities, but if you would rather leave a built-up area, these are a few choices for a day outdoors in England’s green and pleasant land.

Reading Festival

Reading Festival 2013If Reading’s technology industry is an indoor business, then the summer is the time when the music industry moves outdoors for Festival season. One of the biggest is Glastonbury, but the Reading Festival is world’s oldest popular music event of its type.

Bucklebury Farm Park

Another back-to-nature destination very close to Reading is Bucklebury Farm Park. 74 acres of parkland with animal encounters, tractor rides, woodland walks and adventure playgrounds provide a refreshing change from an office environment to wear out the kids.

Marwell Wildlife

Reading Marwell Wildlife Park Monkeys

Feeding time is a highlight at Marwell Wildlife Park

Reading Marwell Wildlife Park Penguin Feeding

Not so pleasant on the nose but superb to witness!!

If you are prepared to venture a little farther afield to find a field, the Marwell Wildlife Park is just under an hour away from Reading. A centre with an emphasis on conservation and education – this was a day out which provided one of the most memorable in my own recent memory. For a more in-depth behind the scenes excursion, the Keeper for a Day experiences are fantastic for the animal lover in the family. A host of activities including food preparation, feeding, behind the scenes and of course mucking out make for a full day of hands-on and hands-in all aspects of the park’s residents care and upkeep.

So for a diverse experience of both town and country, my thanks to Reading – and thanks to you for reading!



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