New York Christmas Giant Baubles

Giant Christmas baubles decorate New York

by Carly Morson

New York Christmas Cartier Decorations

Shop fronts decorate beautifully for Christmas

There is no finer city in the world to spend the Christmas holidays in than New York where you’ll find a city which embraces the festivities like no other. Captured in iconic films such as Home Alone II and Miracle on 34th Street, New York manages to make everyone feel like a child again when it comes to Christmas. Even if it’s far away from home, there are many ways of sharing that festive cheer with those at home, by capturing some of your holiday memories to create presents such as a photobook of your travels to send back to those you’ll be spending Christmas away from.  Here’s my guide to making the very most of Christmas in New York.

New York Christmas Marines and Tree at Rockefeller Center

Marines Band play at the Rockefeller Center

New York certainly does Christmas in style and if it’s been kind enough to snow then any trip here truly feels like you’ve stepped into a winter wonderland. There are so many iconic images of New York at this time of the year that you’ll certainly find yourself constantly reaching for the camera to record your time here. There are many Christmas trees that are beautifully decorated across the city but arguably there is no finer tree than the one at the Rockefeller Center. Their Christmas tree reaches up into the sky and is adorned with over 30,000 lights, beautifully framed by the golden angels that sit outside the centre. It is truly a sight to behold and a great place to start topping up the festive spirit. For more impressive Christmas displays, many tourists head out for a tour trip just out side the city to Brooklyn to see the lights at Dyker Heights where the homes are truly tripping the light fantastic.

Back in the city, we all know that Christmas is all about shopping, and sometimes just visiting the stores is part of the Christmas experience whether you are buying gifts or not. New York’s 5th Avenue is arguably the most famous shopping street in the world and it certainly doesn’t disappoint at Christmas. Even if your budget doesn’t stretch to some of the more high end stores here, the street is an absolute treat at this time of year as you stroll down to see the impressive window displays that are create to entice shoppers in. These windows are truly magical and all so expertly individual and creative.5th Avenue is also home to Macy’s which lives and breathes Christmas. The world’s largest department store was captured on film in Miracle on 34th Street and you can recreate this wonderful film by visiting their Santaland to meet the elves and sit on Santa’s knee to tell him all about your Christmas wishes.

New York Christmas Decorations Rockefeller Center

Every tree seems to glitter with lights around the Rockefeller Center

For some recreation, there are shows a plenty throughout Christmas in New York. Of course, Broadway has an enviable selection of shows to choose, see the Rockettes Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall or catch the New York City Ballet dance one of their annual performances of The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center. Visitors also flock to the Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens, where New York is captured in minute detail and model trains wow in this annual tradition. Finally head for Central Park to skate around their ice rink before enjoying a relaxing horse and carriage ride around the park.

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