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Known as the city of 18 mountains, the unusually named city of Man on the western border of Côte D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) is sandwiched among jagged verdant mountains popular with visitors for trekking and rock climbing.. A swim at the elegant terraced La Cascade waterfallshidden within a bamboo forest is a reward for a walk from the city centre.As in much of West Africa, the highlight ....Continue Reading >>
Like a number of West Africa countries, the Ivory Coast (Côte D'Ivoire) has seen its share of political upheaval and civil war over recent years. While the country is more famous for its towerering basilica (arguably the world's largest) which rivals St Peter's in the Vatican, its western border features the unusually named town of Man which hides among a suite of craggy mountains (the area ....Continue Reading >>
It is like a public transport version of Where's Wally (Where's Waldoin US-speak).Problem: All the minibuses (matatu) or share taxis look the same, have little or no signage and are travelling to diverse places all over Uganda from Kampala's suburbs to across the country.Challenge: Finding the correct matatu going to where you want to go (and hoping it is nearly full as it won't leave until ....Continue Reading >>
Guest post by Amrita EvansHammamet, Tunisia has been a popular visitors’ destination since the 1960s, when the first tourist hotels were built along the beautiful Hammamet beach. This sandy paradise, 40 miles away from the capital city of Tunis, is a glorious arc of yellow sand and lush surroundings popular with package holiday-makers. After a swim, visitors can take camel rides along ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Liam TarryWhen you think about African food, most people fall into one of two camps. You have those who know their sakuma from their plantain, and there are those who just wouldn’t know where to begin! There are so many different traditional African dishes out there that trying to list them all in one article would be virtually impossible. It’s probably much easier to specialise ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Adam UliviThe opportunity for change and new beginnings hardly arrives every day, but for a nation like Malawi in southern Africa, moving forward is very much the country’s commitment. With the recently instated President Joyce Banda pledging to repair diplomatic tensions, boost the nation’s infrastructure and create economic growth, Malawi is a country ready to invest in the ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Emily Buchanan, Original VolunteersEveryone has a bucket list of places to visit before they die. From the heat and history of Egypt’s Pyramids to the border-balancing roar of the Niagara Falls, our planet is best understood by its awe-inspiring beauty. Not to mention the fact that visiting one of these hot spots can serve as a fantastic way to cleanse the modern mind. And sure, ....Continue Reading >>
An old Congolese man on his haunches nods knowingly. Seated on the dusty smooth ground on the banks of the Congo River (how can people crouch for hours?) in Kisangani (destination for the Congo River boat) under the cool of a tree, I know my fate. He utters a few words in his local language in a rumbling voice so deep the sounds seem to emanate from the earth below. His beaming smile and sharp mind ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Amy BakerLocated on the very tip of the African continent, at the point where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans collide, is the beautiful city of Cape Town. Tourists and locals are treated to breathtaking views of land and sea at every turn and beaches so perfect they will spoil other countries offerings in a heartbeat. Expect to dine upon the freshest seafood served as standard at the best ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Larry JohnstonPart of Marrakech’s appeal is its mystique; behind the Atlas Mountains what lies in wait is a gateway for some unforgettable experiences in Africa’s most northerly state. Marrakech is a destination to suit many, offering a break in the sun, a cosmopolitan weekend or a short break to experience Africa. Holidays to Marrakech delight, offering equal measures of ....Continue Reading >>
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