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guest post by MahlatiniHigh speed rail, long-haul flights, cruise liners and now social media and the internet; these are things, facets of modern society that today many travellers take for granted. The emergence of new technologies continues to make our planet a smaller place and it seems those frontiers that were once undiscovered and those paths once un-trampled are quickly disappearing. Perhaps ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Kerry-Anne Smith of Sanctuary RetreatsDespite being primates, there are several differences between the main species of apes: gorillas, chimpanzees, orang-utans and gibbons; and monkeys, of which there are hundreds of varieties. The best way to find these differences for yourself is to see them in the wild, either on a luxury safari or a guided trek. This blog takes a look at several ....Continue Reading >>
The translucent seeds of the pomegranate glitter like rubies in the afternoon Moroccan sun. And nothing could refresh the body like pomegranate juice escaping after a few hours battling the hawkers, traders and crowds (and offers of mint tea) in the packed, humid, tangled labyrinthine souk in Marrakesh. Rarely sighted in Australia, pomegranates and pomegranate juice seem exotic luxuries that I was ....Continue Reading >>
Only with travel for days through the Sahara Desert are the dusty streets of Agadez a welcome sight. Belying its history as a grand city on the Saharan trade route, the dust and unrelenting heat grants no relief from the Sahara but the adobe architecture gives Agadez an almost fanciful Arabian feel as if Aladdin and his magic lamp could be wandering the streets.The stifling conditions (well ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Red Sea HolidaysEgypt is home to many ancient splendours and modern attractions, making the country a favourite Middle Eastern holiday destinations. And why not? Situated between the Mediterranean Basin and the Red Sea, Egypt has a great range of tempting locations in which to stay for a short break or for a long holiday – the choice is up to you. And if Egypt’s the destination, make ....Continue Reading >>
Both a suspicion of local liquids that travelling in Africa brings and the unappealing look of the foamy, milky offering in a local bowl should have ensured that I never tasted palm wine or nsafufuo that the local Ghanaians call it (the Nigerians call it emu which entertains this Australian). Little specks of vegetable matter (or were they small insects) loll on the surface like holiday-makers on their ....Continue Reading >>
Sam Lloyd reports from the Kilembero Valley in Tanzania, where he is working for Frontier, a UK based NGO, on a conservation project that is working with the local community to protect the vital Ruipa Corridor. The resurrection of wildlife corridors is a favourite conservation issue of mine and Frontier are doing great work in this area. Between the gargantuan Selous game reserve and the mighty Udzungwa ....Continue Reading >>
The inky blackness is only broken by a glittering sea of stars. Meteorites paint short-lived stripes of light across the cosmos. The Milky Way gleams like a celestial highway unsighted in the urban areas of the world. Snuggling into a sleeping bag - yes, it gets cool at night despite reaching well into the fifties (over 120 in the Fahrenheit scale) during the day – there is a strange sensation of ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Amy BakerMention Johannesburg and often people will dismiss it as being a place famous for the danger you are sure to face should you choose to go there. The reality is very different. Johannesburg is a city rich in fascinating history and culture and as the major gateway to Kruger National Park, not to mention the rest of South Africa, Johannesburg is well worthy of some exploration.A ....Continue Reading >>
At first sight, the Grevy Zebra doesn't look quite like a zebra. Its large ears look out of place and its belly looks like it has been white-washed - the narrow pyjama stripes not stretching all the way around. The Grevy Zebra is the slightly larger cousin (and largest of all species in the horse family!) of the more familiar Plains Zebra and is seriously endangered. Favouring drier climates, these ....Continue Reading >>
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