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Where is the biggest church in the world?St. Peters in the Vatican seems a likely guess. Maybe somewhere else in Italy? Milan? Venice? Spain and Portugal have some huge cathedrals. Maybe Canterbury, seat of the head of the Church of England. There are some big churches in Mexico and South America with their strong Catholic populations. The cathedrals in New York and Washington DC are gigantic too.The ....Continue Reading >>
by David CollinsIf your idea of the perfect break involves fantastic wildlife and plants then you may want to consider going on holidays in the Seychelles.As the African island nation is awash with amazing flora and fauna, you are sure to have a fascinating time discovering the country's natural beauty during your break.And as it is home to some of the rarest animal and plant species in the ....Continue Reading >>
Over the years I have travelled to several countries on different occasions in North Africa and the Middle East including Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Like many, I now look on with interest as the populations participate in a wave of uprisings across the region. Tunisia and Egypt have overturned multi-decade unpopular regimes. Libya is on the brink as I write this ....Continue Reading >>
The people-driven winds of change blow through Egypt and its Middle Eastern and North African neighbours will hopefully lead to improved leadership across the region. It is difficult to imagine what the average person on the street must be thinking in a country that has been characterised by submission to a ruler since the times of the pharoahs (how else would these remarkable temples such as the pictured ....Continue Reading >>
While I love walking among the greenery and fresh air of the parklands and gardens of the world, I am not overly interested by the names and biological characteristics of each plant. However tucked away in a small Mauritian town and named for the bitter tasting grapefruit, Pamplemousses hosts an exceptional botanical gardens sure to capture anybody’s attention. Sadly many visitors don’t escape ....Continue Reading >>
This photo shows the colourful reverse side of Zimbabwe's short-lived one hundred trillion dollar note adorned with the iconic Victoria Falls. Worthless just a few weeks after being introduced in 2008 due to eye-watering hyperinflation, tyrannical government and the complete collapse of this once-bountiful African country, it is a strange feeling to receive such a high denomination note and speak in ....Continue Reading >>
Ghardaia in central Algeria is an ancient city that has preserved much of its beautiful mediaeval 100-year old architecture. Very much a product of the harsh Sahara Desert, it has excellent access to water (almost sweet tasting) through an ingenious collection of underground channels and produces superb dates.As part of the heritage-listed M'Zab valley, the ancient mosque and large market square are ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Elegant ResortsAn everyday 'man-in-the-street' most likely wouldn't be able to point to the tiny sub-tropical island Republic of Mauritius on a map. Most likely, they've never even heard of this small former Dutch-French colony and 17th century naval outpost. So, with all that said, why are the reef-encircled, white sand beaches of Mauritius one of the best luxury holiday destinations ....Continue Reading >>
All over Africa, brightly painted trucks with overt religious messages (like Get out of my Life, Satan on this one) trundle up and down the roads carrying food, animals and products to the markets. Incredibly reliable for the rough roads and the age of the vehicles, their colour complement the exceptional colours of the clothing and jewellery. The trucks (including this one) were a great source of ....Continue Reading >>
The king cheetah is a truly regal and extremely rare animal. Only seen a handful of times in the wild over the last hundred years, the strikingly beautiful cat has a distinctive coat. Unlike the traditional cheetah spots on a golden background (the cheetah on the right of the photo), the king cheetah (left) features spots that have run together into erratic splotches as if the paint hadn't quite dried.Famed ....Continue Reading >>
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