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Two favourite photos taken outside my hotel late at night-time with a family of elephants digging at the salt-pan with their tusks and eating the mud. The photo was on a very slow exposure, hence the somewhat ghost-like qualities of some of the elephants because they just simply wouldn't keep still for me. ....Continue Reading >>
The sun rises for another day over the weathered and dusty plains of the Masai Mara National Park, silhouetting a typical acacia tree. ....Continue Reading >>
Roads in central Africa are amongst the worst in the world. With a total lack of maintenance and the pressure of heavy summer rains every year, the road conditions greatly restrict the passage of trucks between the major cities and countries of this mesmerising continent. Giant potholes litter the road adding to the bone-jarring journeys. Saying that, the natural jungle roadside scenery is simply stunning.The ....Continue Reading >>
Hitching a ride on a truck through central Africa, you witness some superb natural scenery but possibly have to experience what must be the worst roads in the world. With potholes large enough to swallow a bull elephant, the trucks support each other with tows to ensure passage through these treacherous roads. Sadly, this photo is taken not a long way from Goma, in east Congo, which has made the news ....Continue Reading >>
The truck driver said that it was only half a kilometre down this rough dirt track. Distance was often a vague concept in this part of Africa and I could only hope that he was accurate. It was only nine in the morning and already a searing day. As we walked, debate was strong on whether this one of our more stupid ideas or a trip highlight. In the main city of Ouidah, this small village came strongly ....Continue Reading >>
The ancient medina in Fes (one of my African top ten) is an assault on all your senses. Narrow alleys in this walled area of the city connect souks producing and selling woodwork, leather goods and hand-made clothing, crafts and jewellery. The leather is cured and the wool and leather dyed in these huge ancient vats with various coloured potions in them. It is one of the eternal visions of this historic ....Continue Reading >>
With a rich supply of blue-green algae, the UNESCO-listed travel wonder of Lake Nakuru plays host to immense quantities of flamingos, one of the greatest bird pageants on the planet. From afar at vista points such as Baboon Cliffs, the vast flamingo numbers give the rich saline soda lake an appearance of candy pink stripes.With the flamingos typically in the shallow shores of the lake, nothing beats ....Continue Reading >>
At the suggestion of a good friend, I have decided to add a weekly favorite photo to my postings. Most will be of either wildlife or places of stunning beauty with a short article on the photo.The first is a photo from what I rate as my best ever travel day, viewing the remarkable and endangered mountain gorillas in East Congo. I rate this experience as the best of my top ten African travel wonders. ....Continue Reading >>
Precariously balanced in tiny wooden canoes called pirogues, we poled and paddled a few kilometres around the stilt villages of the tiny West African nation of Benin. These unusual travel wonders were created over three hundred years ago when the local tribes moved into the shallow Lake Nakoue to avoid capture and enslavement by the dominant Dahomey people whose spiritual beliefs forbade them from ....Continue Reading >>
This trip was undertaken in 1991 when the country was called Zaïre, the river was called the Zaïre River (and even the currency was the Zaïre). Today it is called the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and the river has returned to its more familiar name of the Congo River. I have no idea whether this remarkable boat trip continues today. Even if it does, it would be difficult and dangerous ....Continue Reading >>
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