The inky blackness is only broken by a glittering sea of stars. Meteorites paint short-lived stripes of light across the cosmos. The Milky Way gleams like a celestial highway unsighted in the urban areas of the world. Snuggling into a sleeping bag - yes, it gets cool at night despite reaching well into the fifties (over 120 in the Fahrenheit scale) during the day – there is a strange sensation of ....Continue Reading >>
Ghardaia in central Algeria is an ancient city that has preserved much of its beautiful mediaeval 100-year old architecture. Very much a product of the harsh Sahara Desert, it has excellent access to water (almost sweet tasting) through an ingenious collection of underground channels and produces superb dates.As part of the heritage-listed M'Zab valley, the ancient mosque and large market square are ....Continue Reading >>
The cruel deceit of the Sahara Desert lies in its ability to suggest water is nearby. The mirage is simply a reflection of the sky caused by the incredibly hot afternoon sand temperatures and light refraction, leaving such a realistic suggestion of a refreshing lake. ....Continue Reading >>
It is serenely quiet and bitterly cold. A small group of us have just scrambled over rocks with numb hands to get to a small stone hut. An almost spiritual light replaces the intense sunlight as shades of orange and pink paint the uneven tips of the wind-worn and jagged brown mountains which jut out of the Saharan sands. The eerie shadows of the valleys below fall into a deep mauve haze before evaporating ....Continue Reading >>

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