The brooding mist hides all but the very peak of this small mountain in Paradise Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctica is an unparalleled continent, a dramatic mixture of grandeur, size, wonder, hostility and utter emptiness. Not something that any other place could be described as.The fair breeze blew,The white foam flew,And the forrow followed free.We were the first to ever burst into the silent ....Continue Reading >>
The scale and awesome power of the travel wonder of Antarctica is difficult to capture. Huge clumps of ice break off from this glacier dwarfing the zodiac load of travellers admiring this white wonderland. The zodiac maintains a safe distance (it is over 500 metres away) and seeks sanctuary behind a smaller berg as large waves from carving ice can easily up-turn a rubberised boat. Even in buoyancy ....Continue Reading >>
In the cold icy surrounds of Antartica, the Chinstrap penguin stands strikingly with its thin black neck stripe. Parenting is a truly shared occupation with one guarding the eggs or chicks while the other heads off to feed, returning with a full belly and regurgitated feeds for the chicks. They then exchange places and the cycle starts again. As the chicks grow, both parents head out to feed leaving ....Continue Reading >>
With its huge head and mouth, the Leopard Seal has the ferocious look of a fearsome predator. Though more innocent looking in its relaxed pose in the photo, they are demonised as evil by movies such as Happy Feet. These solitary seals efficiently hunt penguins near the Antarctic shores as they depart and arrive at the rookeries over the summer months.Other Wildlife Photos of the WeekBrown BearMountain ....Continue Reading >>
Life is busy. Chicks have to be fed, guarded and kept warm even in these short summer months. Nests have to be maintained. Suitable stones and rocks are in short supply and there has been a lot of thieving going on this year. It is difficult with so many of us living in such a confined space.And we have our human guests to keep entertained as well. They look so silly with their bright orange and yellow ....Continue Reading >>

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