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by Stephanie BartupOne of the most exciting - and completely daunting - aspects of travelling is undoubtedly the ability to have that drop-everything attitude when you decide you want to move on.Last minute holiday plans can be made at the drop of a hat, and the world is your oyster once again.South East Asia is without doubt one of the best places a traveller can find themselves wondering ....Continue Reading >>
by Jonny BlairAs an avid fan of backpacking round the world to off the beaten track places, it's time for a post on China. China houses more people than any other country, but it's the landscapes and world heritage sites that do it for me. My recent adventures in China have taken me to 12 of the country's 29 provinces and I've picked out my top 5 off the wall World Heritage Sites for you to check ....Continue Reading >>
by Katie BelleRenowned as the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Paphos, in the south west of Cyprus, is a history lover’s dream. Having been inhabited 2,300 years, it’s no wonder the ancient city of Paphos was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO back in 1981 and that Paphos has now been named European Capital of Culture for 2017.But there’s no need to wait until 2017 to ....Continue Reading >>
by Cassandra WintersOne of the most fascinating sights in Hanoi is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum where the embalmed remains of the communist leader rest within an impressive monumental building.The construction of this enormous monument and preservation of his body actually go against Ho’s last wishes, which were stated in his will: He asked that his body be cremated and his ashes scattered ....Continue Reading >>
by Jamie KingIndian railway networks are some of the largest in the world, with certain areas of track running for over 71,000 miles through 7,500 stations. As of December 2012, Indian railways carried over 25 million people every day, and nearly 9 billion on an annual basis. Most of these passengers were travelling from the suburbs to the cities; however, many of the trains that run on ....Continue Reading >>
by Bennett StevensAs President Obama’s high profile visit to Myanmar late last year helped to illustrate, the country has undergone major democratic reforms and emerged from a half century of isolation. With the hardline military junta dissolved; General turned President Thein Sein trading in his army uniform for Hugo Boss, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi freely elected ....Continue Reading >>
by Sam McCallBahrain may not be the most well-known tourist destination, but those who discover it often find it a fascinating place. An archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf, it's the smallest independent Gulf stateand, while officially an Islamic country, has a more Western culture and a more liberal outlook compared to many of its neighbours (alcohol is legal, for example).Bahrain ....Continue Reading >>
The summer yak camp of Na high in Nepal's Rolwaling Valley (on a crisp early spring morning) sits in an amphitheatre of superb Himalayan peaks inlcuding the steep and fluted Chobutse (Tsobutse), which stands at 6,690 metres. ....Continue Reading >>
Among the ice-capped Himalayan amphitheatre, but in an area less travelled by tourists is the spectacular Rolwaling Valley. It is here that the notorious and infamous Yetimakes his name in whispered tales of shady sightings and dubious footprint clues.Hidden among ice giants does not suffer from the hectic trail highway feel of the path to Everest or around Annapurna. The area is densely ....Continue Reading >>
by Kian RackleyFor shorter independent holiday itineraries, Hoi An is often omitted from travellers' itineraries. However, for those that make the time, this small town in Vietnam’s central region of just 100,000 inhabitants is often the highlight of the trip. Getting ThereHoi An has an airport but most people arrive via Da Nang airport which is around an hour away by car. Another ....Continue Reading >>
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