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by Alex SinghOnce known as “Madras”, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and home to countless culturally significant attractions. With an estimated population of 7.45 million residents, it is the 34th largest metropolitan area in the world. Chennai is the entryway to the South, creating a culture that is entirely distinct. Tamil culture and tradition is reflected throughout the entire ....Continue Reading >>
The late afternoon sun singes the surface of the Yamuna River and an Agra ghat only a few hundred metres from the iconic Taj Mahal. ....Continue Reading >>
Malaysia and Thailand are home to one of the most athletic and skilled sports I've seen anywhere in my travels. Sepak Takraw (kick ball - sepak is a Malay word for kick and takraw is a Thai word for ball) is a cross between volleyball and soccer - teams of three players are permitted a maximum of three touches to move the ball over a high net (around 1.5 metres) and into the opponent's court using ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Flight Centre If you are thinking of taking a vacation in the near future and the call of cultural alarms are ringing in your head, you may want to start checking flights to Taipei. Located on the Tamsui River, Taipei is the economic, cultural and political center of Taiwan. There are many diverse attractions to be found for tourists in Taipei, and certainly something for everyone ....Continue Reading >>
At just under 7000 metres, the towering peak of Ama Dablam silently oversees trekkers for a few days as they slowly walk towards the base camp for Mt Everest and the Gokyo Lakes. With the riotous crimson of a barberry bush and a cobalt blue sky, its reassuring presence makes for a photogenic visual feast. Though taken over a decade ago, it remains a favourite memory walking among the Everest amphitheatre ....Continue Reading >>
With a backdrop of centuries-old walls and only a block from the stunning Karnak Temple, a watermelon salesman tries to sell his stock of watermelons before the heat of the midday sun empties the streets. The Egyptian streets were filled with wonderful seasonal fruits and spices grown on the banks of the life-giving Nile.Luxor Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
I love the colours and simplicity of this humble farming cottage in Rajastan in north west India. ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Ricky DurranceThere are many so called gateways in the world. Countries where influences from different cultural and social worlds mix together to create a unique experience for visitors. For instance, Turkey is often referred to as the gateway to the East – and perhaps the gateway to the West if you approach it from the opposite direction. However, for a true experience of extremes, ....Continue Reading >>
Some years ago I was taken to a tiny sushi restaurant (maybe only places for 12) in Tokyo by a good friend, fluent in Japanese and the culture of the country. It remains one of my finest dining experiences. Most memorable was watching the mesmeric skills of the chef. Over numerous courses while happily chatting, the chef wielded his short knife with the skills of a conductor skilfully sliced paper ....Continue Reading >>
The mention of Dubai conjures up images of oil-driven towering buildings, iconic hotels, and snow skiing and water parks in the desert. Dubai Creek is the beating heart of the city with a chaotic frenzy of workers, abra (wooden water taxi) catchers, shoppers and travellers all bustling with activity.In sharp contrast is the neighbouring historic district of Al Bastikiya. Built by wealthy Iranian traders ....Continue Reading >>
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