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By 8:00pm every evening, darkness has enveloped the Hong Kong sky and the bright lights and advertising of the skyscrapers reflect red, blue and golden stripes onto the waterway. The Star Ferry along with various pleasure boats cruise Victoria Harbour between the “canyon walls” set by the crammed skyline of towering buildings and The Peak.Right on cue at 8:00pm, the manic shopping and business ....Continue Reading >>
Once the central shrine to the hippie and flower-power children of the sixties, Durbar Square in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu remains an evocative travel wonder. With an astonishing collection of over fifty immaculately carved, quasi-Oriental wooden buildings strung across three loosely connected squares, Durbar Square throngs with worshippers, workers and tourists.Durbar Square is a place for ....Continue Reading >>
Like a surrealist's children's playground, Jantar Mantar was built next door to the remarkable royal Palace of the Winds as an astronomical observatory. Built around 1730 by the Maharajah of the famed Pink City, Jaipur, it was among the most accurate and detailed observatory for its time in the world. The star-inspired maharajah built five such observatories across India, four of which still exist ....Continue Reading >>
Embedded within town walls, Jaipur is a harmonious city of broad boulevardes and unusual travel wonders. Today, the bustle of a huge population, manic traffic, enthused street vendors and meandering cattle overwhelms much of this harmony but the obsession with painting the buildings in shades of red (the city is known as The Pink City) still helps the city exude an elegant charm. Most striking of all ....Continue Reading >>
It is difficult to imagine something dreamier than cycling gently through the travel wonder of Keoladeo Ghana National Park. The main road (vehicle-free except for rickshaws and bikes, both available for rent) cuts through the middle of a large lake with surrounding wetlands and forests. Smaller paths allow exploration for the more than 220 resident bird species and 140 migrants along with various ....Continue Reading >>
As travel wonders go, one of the great train journeys in the world is one of the shortest. And in two days time, it is 120 years old. Happy Birthday!Taking less than five minutes, the 1.4 kilometre (less than one mile) ride up the funicular rail gains an elevation of around 400 metres from Hong Kong’s central district to the top of Victoria Peak. From the top, one of the world’s finest cityscapes ....Continue Reading >>
Is this the most extravagant monument to love? Built by the heartbroken Emperor Shan Jahan when his favourite wife (Mumtaz) died bearing her fourteenth child, this white marble Moslem mausoleum is one of the most iconic and reknown travel wonders in the world. Built by an estimated 20,000 workers over 20 years (400, 000 man hours of construction), this is a masterpiece in architectural symmetry.Ironically, ....Continue Reading >>
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