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The tawny frogmouth is a uniquely Australian bird, found superbly camouflaged in trees. They are often described as an owl though this is not technically true. Typically, someone needs to point them out for you to be aware they are there but once discovered they rarely move far from their favourite branch or tree. The bird in the photos lives not far from my home in Sydney. Their ability to stay still ....Continue Reading >>
Every year, many cities around the world welcome the new year with a burst of fireworks, showcasing their city's special landmarks and culture. Being the middle of summer, Sydneysiders jam-pack both shores of the harbour or jockey for prime position among the thousands of pleasure craft and yachts, enjoying picnics, family, friends and frivolities in the warm Sydney air. For around a quarter of an ....Continue Reading >>
Margaret River, south of Perth in the remote south-west corner of Australia, is a travellers delight rich in great sights and experiences. Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, fine soils for wine production, world class surf beaches and towering karri forests which blaze in a kaleidoscope of colour in spring during the wildflower season, Margaret River has dramatically grown in popularity in the last ....Continue Reading >>
Joern Utzon (Jørn Utzon), the architect who designed the UNESCO heritage-listed Sydney Opera House (see photos in lights) with its unique sail-design died last night. One of the most iconic and identifiable travel wonders of the twentieth century, and along with many superb buildings crafted in his own country of Denmark, the Sydney Opera House will remain as a legacy to Utzon's creative genius for ....Continue Reading >>
Harry Potter and James Bond have done it. So have Prince Harry and tennis great, Martina Navratilova. Even Cameron Diaz managed it with her typical glamour and style. Not sure what you are thinking, but I am talking about climbing to the top of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.Groups of around a dozen embark on this journey every ten minutes. From afar, they look like trails of ants eagerly beavering ....Continue Reading >>
Driving between any two Australian towns or cities, you are likely to encounter an oversized and artificial roadside attraction. Typically built of fibreglass, plastic or metal, over 150 of these objects litter the highways and by-ways. Some are true works of art and important symbols of the well-being of a town. Others are built as the centerpiece of a commercial attraction while others are simply ....Continue Reading >>
With the Paralympics drawing to a close in Beijing and with the stunning displays of the opening and closing ceremonies still fresh in our mind, I have dug out a few old photos of my home town Sydney during the Olympic Games in 2000. The Opera House was bathed in different colored lights each evening while the Olympic rings adorned the iconic Harbour Bridge. A few more photos with different Opera House ....Continue Reading >>
Around three hours drive north of Perth (Australia) is a weird travel wonder with thousands of limestone pillars poking out of an arid, sandy desert floor. The Pinnacles are a striking sight especially on sunrise and sunset as thousands of mounds protrude from a sweeping desert of arid Western Australian sands.The geological story goes something like this. Many millions of years ago, shells from marine ....Continue Reading >>
One of the great touring drives in the world is along a real travel wonder, the Great Ocean Road, west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. This road hugs the southern coastline of Victoria passing a number of remarkable rock formations, the best known of which is The Twelve Apostles. Originally called the Sow and the Piglets, the tourism marketing department gathered together, added value and renamed ....Continue Reading >>
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