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Two hundred years ago a small troop of men led by Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth stood joyously surveying this scene of wide open plains from Mount York, west of Sydney, having found a passage through the Blue Mountains. This land ensured the survival of the fledging Australian colony with excellent farmlands and forests.Several had tried before but several key elements to their approach saw success. ....Continue Reading >>
A video portraying a string of reactions of international travel journalists to Australia’s Red Centre prompted me to relive my journey there late last year. Evocative images of the spiritual Uluru (Ayers Rock), wondrous rock formations, crimson red sunsets, remote sparse wilderness and cultural indigenous history dating back to the dawn of mankind quickly leapt to mind. Yet the vast majority of ....Continue Reading >>
by Stephen FrazerDespite a population of more than 1.6 million, Perth remains one of the most isolated cities on the planet. Once just a small town in Western Australia, it began to grow along with the lucrative mining industry in the area. While you don't need to be a millionaire to call Perth home, it definitely doesn't hurt. When you are touring the city, keep up appearances and fit in with ....Continue Reading >>
The Australian War Memorial is one of the finest war museums in the war documenting every element of Australia’s history in fighting for freedom. At its heart is the moving Roll of Honour, a long series of bronze panels engraved with Australia’s 102,000+ war dead.Visitors often place a small red poppynext to a relative and loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. ....Continue Reading >>
Almost 200 years old, Cadmans Cottage can be easily missed among the ritzy cafes and restaurants, grandeur of the Sydney Opera House, bustle of the ferries and excellent Museum of Contemporary Art. As the oldest surviving residence in Australia, it is worth a quick visit (it is free and only takes a quarter of an hour to see the modest house). Interestingly, although over two levels, there ....Continue Reading >>
Sydney, Australia’s first and largest city, buzzes with multicultural excitement. Draped across a sparkling harbour, crossed with a world-famous bridge, showcased by a unique opera house, fringed with sun-soaked beaches and glorious national parks and sprinkled with fine restaurants and bars offering food and drinks from across the globe, Sydney is a lively outdoor city to enjoy and experience.The ....Continue Reading >>
My friends at Cheap Flights recently asked me to write a short guide on one of my favourite Australian cities, Melbourne - a place I've been to numerous times. It covers some ideas for good food (and Melbourne has superb eating options), unusual, funky bars and interesting museums and galleries. Please check out my insiders guide to Melbourne.Melbourne Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
Best wishes to you all for Christmas season and for a travel-filled and healthy 2013. The blog will close for around two weeks from Christmas Eve. The photo shows the superb Christmas light show using St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney in what has become an annual Christmas feature. ....Continue Reading >>
After a sequence of Amazing Race-like contests, Edwina and Rich were recently announced as the NT Checklist champions (videos can be viewed here). I got a chance to speak with them after the announcement of their success so they could share with everyone their thoughts and highlights of Australia's Red Centre and what places and experiences they'd have on their NT Checklist.TW: Edwina, you mentioned ....Continue Reading >>
A couple of snatched photos capturing the rugged beauty of Australia's Red Centre. There are a never-ending supply of photography opportunities as the light soaks the rich ochre red soils, the pale tortured green leaves and the cobalt blue skies.The author travelled as a guest of Tourism NT and Plus7. ....Continue Reading >>
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