When you first arrive in the Alice Springs, the effective capital of Australia's Red Centre and over 1,500 kilometres to any coastline, the most striking sight is the Todd River. Not for its sparkling blue waters, but the complete absence of water. The Todd River is dry for the vast majority of any year and regularly for several years at a time (periods of more than a decade are on record).In ....Continue Reading >>
Lying near the geographic centre of the huge Australian continent, Alice Springs is the undoubted “capital” of outback Australia – the Red Centre. While there are veritable checklist of things to see and experience in Alice itself (a topic for an upcoming article), it is difficult to quickly capture the essence of this remote city.As an Arrernte man (the local indigenous people who ....Continue Reading >>
With impressive 3D mapped projections on Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House and interactive light sculptures including glowing igloos, a glistening Rubik's Cube, dancing lamps and a cacophony of colourful light, the centre of Sydney was transformed for a few weeks with the Vivid festival.The final photo journey highlights the spectacular ten minute projection by Electric ....Continue Reading >>
Vivid 2012 in Sydney included impressive 3D mapped projections on Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art and Customs House. The Museum dazzled in a abstract modern show of primary colours flung across its sandstone facia. The silhouetted crowds give a suggestion to the show's popularity but too many photos have blackened heads in front of them!!Photos can be clicked to enlarge. Enjoy the ....Continue Reading >>
For the last four years to boost tourism and people's spirits at the start of winter, Sydney has conducted a lights extravaganza called Vivid. As in earlier shows (photos here and here), 2012 Vivid saw a variety of artists display light-based sculptures while several of Sydney's most famed buildings including the Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Arts and Customs House were bathed in an everchanging ....Continue Reading >>
As the Australian memorial day of Anzac Day recently passed (April 25), it seems an ideal time to introduce the popular Australian gambling game of Two Up. The game only requires two pennies and a flat throwing stick called a kip and can be played nearly anywhere.The thrower or spinner simply tosses the two pennies from the kip into the air with people betting between each other (or against the house) ....Continue Reading >>
Here is a fun and exclusive infographic on a few of the major sights to see when visiting Sydney along with some useful tips and eye-catching statistics about the sights. The infographic is courtesy of ....Continue Reading >>
Today is Anzac Day, the national remembrance day of Australia and New Zealand when people pay their respects and honour the bravery, courage, resilience and sacrifice of the service men and women of our country. Dawn services are conducted all throughout the country, at Anzac Cove in Turkey, throughout battefields in South East Asia and throughout Western Front villages in France and Belgium. This ....Continue Reading >>
Living in outback Australia in the earlier days must have been demanding. Nothing highlights this more than the epitaphs in Bourke Cemetery – “found hanging in the bush”, “drowned”, “shot dead by police” and “perished in bush”. Like many rural cemeteries, the inscriptions speak silent stories of a history of paddle steamer operators, drovers, farmers, bushrangers, Afghan camel train ....Continue Reading >>
Built in 1883, this bridge was one of the first lift span bridges built over the Darling River. Designed to accommodate the 200 or so paddle steamers plying the inland waters of Australia by hand-cranking the centre section upwards, it was constructed in England and brought to Bourke in sections by paddle steamer. It was finally replaced by a newer bridge in 1998 (visible behind the old bridge) and ....Continue Reading >>

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