One of the finest day trips in Europe can be made via five forms of transport from Switzerland’s picturesque city of Lucerne to the forbidding peak of Pilatus. Named after Pontius Pilate, legend dictates that Pontius Pilate went into exile and committed suicide after the trial of Jesus Christ and had his body dumped into a mountain lake on Pilatus. In medieval times, it was strictly forbidden to ....Continue Reading >>
by David CollinsGo on a river cruise and you'll be able to take in a whole range of sights from majestic wildlife to fascinating cultural attractions from the comfort of a luxury boat. To find out more about five of the best river cruises in the world, read on.Nile As the longest river in the world, cruising up the Nile can offer you a fascinating insight into ancient Africa. While the waterway ....Continue Reading >>
by Sanctuary RetreatsThe Three Gorges area is one of the most impressive sites to visit in China. Formed by the Yangtze River it is, as the name suggests, split into three connecting gorges.Qutang GorgeFrom east to west, Qutang Gorge measures five miles in total, running from Baidicheng all the way too the town of Daixi. The gorge is flanked by huge vertical cliffs, some thrusting thousands ....Continue Reading >>
by Sanctuary RetreatsCruising is an increasingly popular choice of holiday for millions of people. Cruising gives holiday makers access to a variety of amazing destinations that would be impossible to visit during a traditional hotel based break. On a cruise you can wake up to a new and exciting destination almost every day while still getting to enjoy all the comforts and facilities of the finest ....Continue Reading >>
Guest post by Ashley JenningsA cruise can be a fun and memorable trip that should be experienced at least once. Although there are many possible destinations, the Caribbean remains one of the most popular. This is mainly due to the warm weather and pristine beaches. The Caribbean islands are also close together, which allows vacationers to see multiple locations during their trip. Along with ....Continue Reading >>
Precariously balanced in tiny wooden canoes called pirogues, we poled and paddled a few kilometres around the stilt villages of the tiny West African nation of Benin. These unusual travel wonders were created over three hundred years ago when the local tribes moved into the shallow Lake Nakoue to avoid capture and enslavement by the dominant Dahomey people whose spiritual beliefs forbade them from ....Continue Reading >>
This trip was undertaken in 1991 when the country was called Zaïre, the river was called the Zaïre River (and even the currency was the Zaïre). Today it is called the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and the river has returned to its more familiar name of the Congo River. I have no idea whether this remarkable boat trip continues today. Even if it does, it would be difficult and dangerous ....Continue Reading >>
Straddling Peru and Bolivia, the travel wonder of Lake Titicaca (with an area of over 8,000 square kilometres or 3,000 square miles) lies at a oxygen-deprived 3,800 metres above sea-level (12,500 feet) making any activity for a visitor beyond a slow stroll quite a feat of endurance. For hundreds of years, the Uros people have lived peacefully on a handful of small islands made solely of reeds dotted ....Continue Reading >>

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