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“There we are, a pin stuck in a wall. There’s the United States, about 24 square inches’worth, and there’s the rest of the world, about 1,700 square inches begging to be explored”. Alarmed at his five failed applications to Amazing Race and inspired to discover the world, young American Adam Shepard, decided to experience the world to the fullest and encourage others to do the same.Over ....Continue Reading >>
In his role as publisher of multiple major magazine titles, Michael Clinton has had plenty of opportunity to indulge his enthusiasm for travel. Having traversed the planet many times, Clinton details his decades of experiences in a series of short essays in The Globetrotter Diaries - Tales, tips and tactics for traveling the 7 continents. Part travel tales, part adventure, part sumptuous imagery ....Continue Reading >>
Anil Polat, the author of the popular travel blog Foxnomad has just launched his e-book titled The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers. He kindly sent me a complimentary copy for review. With a professional career as a computer security consultant and as a long term traveller, Polat is almost uniquely qualified to write on his pet topic. With a striking design, the book is easy to read, well written ....Continue Reading >>
Stranded in Paris (if that is the right word when in Paris) when 9/11 struck, Mark Stephen Meadows was planning to travel home to the US. With airports shut and terrorist becoming the new word of the moment, Meadows decided to follow his journalistic instincts and explore the psychology of terrorism and the makeup of the people behind such acts. As his laboratory (“something like a Galapagos” in ....Continue Reading >>
Initiated by the folks at, over 200 travel bloggers (including several of the most popular and well-known ones) have written up three travel secrets on their blogs over the past six months. Some wrote of special places in their home city (Travel Wonders wrote about the travel secrets of Sydney), some contributed general travel tips and others introduced secrets to great food or drink ....Continue Reading >>
I am a huge fan of sport and over the years of travel have made an effort to watch some of the big local sporting events when possible. I think sport is a great purveyor of positive culture and has notably bought the world closer over the years. It often transcends boundaries of race, religion, nationality and age. I have some excellent memories of sport while travelling – feeling the drama of NFL ....Continue Reading >>
Many people dream of life on an idyllic palm-fringed island surrounded by azure blue waters. Peter Rudiak-Gould was no exception when he volunteered for the WorldTeach program and was posted to the remote Marshall Islands. Laying roughly halfway between the Philippines and Hawaii, the Marshall Islands are noted as a battleground of World War 2 and where the US conducted their nuclear test program (on ....Continue Reading >>
Anil Polat of Foxnomad has recently published an e-book titled Overcoming the 7 Major Obstacles to Traveling the World, inspiring people to not let obstacles and excuses prevent them from travelling the world. It is a book aimed at people keen to travel but finding reasons to not go. Aimed both as a one-time read and as a regular ready-reference with a collection of tips and ideas towards reaching ....Continue Reading >>
A few weeks ago I received a pre-publication copy of Grant Lingel's first book Imagine: A Vagabond Story for review. Grant and Travel Wonders are offering two free signed copies of this rollicking backpacking adventure.Seven lousy credit points short of completing his degree, a spot of confusion on what to do next at this watershed moment in anyone's life and with a few hundred bucks in his back pocket, ....Continue Reading >>
Last year for sixteen days the world stared mesmerised at Beijing - the creative artistry of the opening ceremony, the architecturally stunning swimming and athletics stadiums and the phenomenal sporting achievements of sprinter Usain Bolt and swimmer Michael Phelps. Behind the gold medals and sporting dramas, the media of the world tried to scratch below the surface of Beijing with various "human ....Continue Reading >>

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