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At the end of the superb Maligne Lake Drive, a deer keeps a cautious eye out for groups of people wandering nearby.Jasper Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
Only a few kilometres east of Jasper and near to mysterious Medicine Lake, Maligne Canyon is deep, tortured and narrow with heavy stratified sides. While crowded with sightseers near the entrance, the numbers quickly dwindle as a superb hike meanders along the top of the canyon criss-crossing from side to side across six narrow bridges. Gouged from soft limestone, waterfalls tumble and a raging ....Continue Reading >>
Heading east from Jasper on the Maligne Lake Road is the remarkable disappearing Medicine Lake.In summer, when most people visit Jasper – the summer population being around four times its winter numbers – the lake looks like any other. Set among snow-capped mountains and abounding with wildlife, Medicine Lake appears as a typical glacial lake. Particularly busy are the frantic rabbit-like ....Continue Reading >>
While the highlights of Jasper surround the town on the various roads into the mountains and lakes areas, the town itself is welcoming to visitors. Packed to the gills in summer, the area has colourful streets, a large park area in the centre of town and plenty of reasonable places to eat and recover from the day's exploring.Jasper Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
The driving tour of the Icefield Parkway starts in Lake Louise.Leaving the exceptional Columbia Icefields and Athabasca Glacier, the Icefield Parkway drives past superb glacier and mountain vistas to two impressive waterfalls. The first, named after from local word for turbulent waters is Sunwapta Falls where glacial ice-melt veers sharply and powers through a narrow cleft in the rock to ....Continue Reading >>
Jasper has an excellent reputation for wildlife sightings. Driving into Jasper along the Icefield Parkway, it lives up to its reputation before actually arriving in the town. A gang (the correct collective name - thank you Google) of elk - a mixture of females and youngsters (calves) - lay resting and munching on the lush grass. In the couple of days in and around Jasper, gangs of elk are fairly typical, ....Continue Reading >>
The journey along the Icefield Parkway starts here.Less than five kilometres into Jasper National Park along the Icefield Parkway is the highlight of the entire scenic stretch. As a remnant of the last ice age covering 325 square kilometres and depths of up to 350 metres, Columbia Icefield is preserved by cold temperatures, higher elevation and lots of snow. Sandwiched among some of the ....Continue Reading >>
Two extra photos from the southern half of the Icefield Parkway, one of the world's finest drives. ....Continue Reading >>
The 230 kilometres of Icefield Parkway curls its way along the spine of the Rockies. Connecting the tiny gem of Lake Louise with its famed chateau and glorious lakes and the ski town and national park of Jasper, the road teems with gushing waterfalls, stunning mountain vistas of craggy peaks and vividly coloured glacial lakes. Every bend seemingly unveils a stunning new view as the road connects ....Continue Reading >>
Standing like guards over the milky waters in a bend of the Bow River, the Hoodoos jut out of the surrounding forests. Accessed off Tunnel Mountain Drive and protected by a cap of hard rock, the spires are carved by water and wind over 1000s of years.Banff Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
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