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guest post by Nazeli K. Kyuregyan The Latin motto splendor sine occasu suits perfectly the most exciting Canadian province. Let its natural gems inspire your soul while its vibrant cities conquer your mind. Splendid NatureIncredibly naturally gifted, British Columbia is venerated by adventurers from all around the world. Whether you are a skier, snowboarded, free-climber, hiker, cave-explorer, animal ....Continue Reading >>
This lone male elk, resplendent with its fine antlers, contentedly munches juicy grasses. Grazing on the verge of the main highway just outside the stunning Rockies town of Jasper, little traffic probably interrupts this elk in the early hours (one of the best times to see wildlife). While initially a little suspicious of me as shown in this photo, he soon returns to his feeding relaxed that I was ....Continue Reading >>
Two mule deer seem oblivious to the majesty of the Rockies, the shimmering blue of Two Jack Lake (and the camera) just outside Banff in the Canadian Rockies. ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Titan HiToursCanada is a holiday destination full of history and vibrancy. The second largest country in the world, it borders America’s northernmost states and is surrounded on either side by ocean. Every season offers something different, so it’s always an exciting place to go, and with ten states and three provinces, there’s no lack of diversity so you can plan a trip that suits ....Continue Reading >>
Guest post by Vinay Shingornikar. Vinay is a popular and accomplished writer having authored a number of articles across a wide variety of online publications. Currently, he is happily employed with Flight Network. Founded in 1998, has grown to become Canada's second most visited online travel agency, specialising in offering highly discounted prices for domestic and international ....Continue Reading >>
by Elegant ResortsBanff, in the beautiful Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada is one of the worlds best places for luxury ski holidays. It has a long snow ski season and some of the world's coldest and driest snow. This makes Banff a reliable place for a ski holiday in a magical place that is one of the largest ski areas in Canada.There are glaciers, high mountain peaks, verdant forests ....Continue Reading >>
The tiny population (around 500) of the desolate township of Churchill share a love-hate relationship with polar bears. Accessible only via a three-hour air flight or overnight rail journey, this northerly outpost is enthused by the dollars associated with the wildlife-loving visitors (almost everyone who visits Churchill comes to see the polar bears) but not necessarily by the bears themselves. Signs ....Continue Reading >>
Even in the relative safety of a large vehicle, a polar bear is a chilling, awe-inspiring animal. When only a pane of reinforced glass separates you from the world’s largest land-based carnivore, a strange mix of fear and excitement sets in.Every year around mid-October, migrating polar bears congregate in their hundreds for a handful of weeks in the northerly Canadian town of Churchill, awaiting ....Continue Reading >>
Each month a group of travel bloggers (including Lifecruiser and Travel Expert(a)) conduct a virtual cocktail party where writers highlight a notable drink from their travels or experiences. With a recent visit to scenic Lake Louise deep in the Rockies, this month's drinks takes us to chilly Canada.The Bloody Caesar is a Canadian adaption to the internationally renown Bloody Mary. It is made by adding ....Continue Reading >>
With familiar glittering scenes that grace Canadian brochures, the travel wonder of Lake Louise is sublime beauty on a large scale. Though tremendously popular in the warmer months overwhelming the tiny village, the three main natural sights of Lake Louise should be on any Rockies agenda.With the grandiose Lake Louise Château perches on its shoreline, the emerald Lake Louise offers perfect reflections ....Continue Reading >>
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