Every second day at 10:00am for around half an hour, an impressive Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place in front of the Presidential Palace (La Moneda Palace) in the centre of zesty Santiago. It is quite a spectacle - a brass band, soldiers with swords and rifles, yelled instructions, precision marching and lots of ceremonial goings-on.Santiago Vacations ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Swoop PatagoniaFor those more adventurous souls out there a few weeks inter-railing around Europe might seem a little tame. But don't worry, the world might have shrunk but it has not lost all its mystery yet: Patagonia is a totally unique region of the world, a sparsely populated, prehistoric landscape that beckons a challenge and promises majesty.A seven day trek with ....Continue Reading >>
guest post by Rachel McCombieEnigmatic Easter Island lies in the South Pacific, some five hours off the coast of Chile. It’s said to be the most isolated inhabited place on Earth, giving it an aura of inaccessibility which belies the fact that, thanks to regular commercial flights, a trip to this evocative island is by no means limited just to the most intrepid travellers.Though the sheer mission ....Continue Reading >>
My friendly “buenos días” was greeted with a guttural but joyous “guten morgen”. Despite being in the heart of Chile, Frutillar was as German as leather shorts, sauerkraut and Oktoberfest. While well assimilated now, German immigrants settled around 150 years ago on good volcanic farming soils, building and developing a new area from deep forests. The heavy influence of the early settlers ....Continue Reading >>
Unlike Santa Clauses in Australia with their cotton wool facial hair, the jolly red fellows in Santiago's main square of Plaza de Armas grow their own beards. Being the middle of summer, it is hot work for these joyous folks who distribute their Christmas cheer. The poor reindeer look like they have seen better days...To all my readers, compliments of the season to you all and best wishes for a healthy ....Continue Reading >>

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