by Jonny BlairAs an avid fan of backpacking round the world to off the beaten track places, it's time for a post on China. China houses more people than any other country, but it's the landscapes and world heritage sites that do it for me. My recent adventures in China have taken me to 12 of the country's 29 provinces and I've picked out my top 5 off the wall World Heritage Sites for you to check ....Continue Reading >>
I love the comfortable contrasts of Hong Kong where the modernity of city life sits harmoniously with the practices of times past. Hong Kong Harbour boasts numerous working boats running between the mainland and the main Hong Kong Island while huge container vessels and ocean liners ply the same waters. Incidently, the Hong Kong Light Show at 8pm every evening is one of the finest lightshows anywhere.Hong ....Continue Reading >>
Note: Check out a visit to the Tian Tan Big Buddha for the first part of this journey.Despite staggering up and down 268 steps in sweltering Hong Kong humidity to enjoy the sight of Tian Tan Big Buddha at close range, a visit to the Wisdom Path is warranted. Separate from the Po Lin Monastery and only a short walk away past a teahouse, the path is marked by 38 wooden poles in the shape of an infinity ....Continue Reading >>
On a clear day, the Ngong Ping 360 cablecar offers superb views over the variety of Hong Kong’s islands, the Hong Kong airport and sparkling bays and waterways. Peacefully gliding between Lantau’s waterfront and the Tian Tan Buddha, a remarkable 25 minute, 5.7 kilometre cablecar ride takes passengers across a large bay and forested hills to Lantau’s most treasured sight.Craggy mountains form ....Continue Reading >>
by Sanctuary RetreatsThe Three Gorges area is one of the most impressive sites to visit in China. Formed by the Yangtze River it is, as the name suggests, split into three connecting gorges.Qutang GorgeFrom east to west, Qutang Gorge measures five miles in total, running from Baidicheng all the way too the town of Daixi. The gorge is flanked by huge vertical cliffs, some thrusting thousands ....Continue Reading >>

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