The Congo River journey is one of the great travel wonders experiences on water. In a country dogged with political and military upheaval, the journey passes spectacular untracked rain forests and tiny remote villages whose only contact to the outside world is via the river boat. Hemmed in by heavy rain forest, the villages maintain their difficult existence through fishing, a small garden, a little ....Continue Reading >>
Our group had been trekking for three and a half hours through thick forest, the thorns catching our clothing and our feet sloshing through the muddy grounds. Deep into the Congan rain forest, it was well over 30°C (86°F) and 100% humidity and getting hotter. The six of us were getting a little agitated, being drained of fluid and having started the early morning with such anticipation. The glint ....Continue Reading >>
A small town in East Congo, not a long way away from Goma and the mountain gorillas, bustles with lively activity in the food markets. Though taken over a decade ago, I still enjoy the contrast of the colourful women's outfits and vibe of the market with the drab grey exteriors of the sad surrounding buildings and their corrugated iron roofs. ....Continue Reading >>
This trip was undertaken in 1991 when the country was called Zaïre, the river was called the Zaïre River (and even the currency was the Zaïre). Today it is called the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and the river has returned to its more familiar name of the Congo River. I have no idea whether this remarkable boat trip continues today. Even if it does, it would be difficult and dangerous ....Continue Reading >>

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