Czech Republic

CHARLES BRIDGE QUICK FACTS Location: Prague, Czech Republic River: Vltava Built: 1357-1402 Length: 621 metres Style: Sandstone Gothic Arch BridgePrague is one of Europe's most mesmerising cities with numerous sights and historic locations to visit including the domineering Prague Castle. Divided by the meandering Vltava River, historic Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) provided the only crossing ....Continue Reading >>
by Amy BakerPrague has been a political, cultural and economic centre of Europe since it came into existence over 1000 years ago. Its central location in Europe means that it has played a key role in the World Wars and the post-Communist era. Despite the violence and destruction so apparent in the region around that time, many of Prague’s major attractions survived. The sheer number of places ....Continue Reading >>
Across the south of the Czech Republic are three delightful small medieval travel wonders all featuring magical central squares and rich histories. Only an hour by bus from each other, the alliterative Třeboň, Telč and Třebíč (from west to east) can be covered in a couple of days.Třeboň is constructed on marshland with an ingenious usage of canals, dykes, medieval artificial lakes and fish ....Continue Reading >>
A group of travel bloggers are in their third month of celebrating a drink of the month.With a recent focus on the Czech Republic with a tour of Prague and a guide to seven of the best Czech castles, this months offering comes from this popular central European country.Becherovka is a drink based on a bewildering array of secret herbs and spices including cinnamon and aniseed. It has an intense fragrant ....Continue Reading >>
The Czech Republic has the most castles per square kilometre of any country in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. This article features four impressive castles near to Prague to be added to the three UNESCO-listed Czech castles featured in part one.Konopiště Castle (top photo) was home to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand whose shooting in Bosnia began World War 1 (the actual bullet ....Continue Reading >>
The travel wonder of Prague Castle and the spires of St Vitus Cathedral overlooking the Vltava River (top photo) is one of Europe's most enduring images. Central to a number of prominant Prague hotels and being at a focal point of European history, Prague Castle is only one of a number of enchanting, historic or ornate castles around the Czech Republic. This article highlights seven other castles sprinkled ....Continue Reading >>
As it emerges from hijacking by Russian communism for 43 years, the travel wonder of Prague remains the glittering diamond of architectural and cultural Europe. A millennium’s worth of magnificent and stylish buildings must deep down be the envy of every city in the world. Rich in culture with an inspiring history of kings, writers and musicians, royal palaces, cathedrals, theatres, art galleries ....Continue Reading >>

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