by John MillerChristmas markets, also known as Christkindlesmarkt or Weihnachtsmarkt, depending which part of Germany or Austria you’re hailing from, aren’t just about market stalls and shopping in the run up to Christmas. Going back to medieval times - when people would travel to find festive cheer in the bright Christmas lights, bustling street stalls and delicious snacks to pass the winter ....Continue Reading >>
Perched on a bay, the Danish travel wonder of Århus is a lively and colourful university city with a vibrant feel to it while a short stroll from the centre offers relaxation in parks, forests and beaches. This cultural treasure trove is a great walking city to absorb both Scandinavian history and modern life with fascinating displays from the Viking Age, the 19th century and even the Iron Age.For ....Continue Reading >>
The lyrically sounding Den Gamle By translates as The Old Town. The half-timbered trading houses are part of a superb collection of around 75 historic buildings in the second largest Danish town of Århus. Presented as an open-air museum and with buildings gathered from all over the country (some nearing 500 years of age), Den Gamle By works as a "living" village with bakers, blacksmiths and grocers ....Continue Reading >>
Constructed from over three million plastic Lego blocks, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln gaze down at visitors to Legoland in Denmark. Squeezing the world into a small area, alongside Mt Rushmore are a number of other famous world landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, Copenhagen's harbour, Amsterdam's canals and Bangkok's Royal Temple. An African safari ....Continue Reading >>
Among the travel wonders of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, rich in castles, canals and Viking history, it is difficult to understand how the tiny statue of the Little Mermaid, immortalised in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, continues to maintain top billing.Much like Brussel’s famous Manneken Pis, the statue is surprisingly small at little over a metre. Its small stature does not prevent ....Continue Reading >>

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